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Open Markets, Closed Borders - Assignment Example

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It would mean that the United States of America would be constrained and covered from assessing the foreign currency and other natural abilities such…
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Open Markets, Closed Borders
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Extract of sample "Open Markets, Closed Borders"

ANSWERS ANSWERS The first questions seeks to inquire the effect of open markets and closed borders for the United s of America.
Closing the borders would mean that there would be limited flow of goods and services across the countries that neighbor the USA. It would mean that the United States of America would be constrained and covered from assessing the foreign currency and other natural abilities such as relatively cheap labour that would come with increase in people. Secondly, an indoor economy means that circulation of money and its reciprocation would be curtailed. This is to say that only little investment, productivity and growth would be achieved and realized because only the few available resources would be used to create and circulate wealth within the economy.
1. The aspect of “need to know” ought to be replace with “need to share,” as stipulated in the 9/11 report.
I am of the opinion that if full disclosure of information by the commission is done, the public would appreciate the facts and figures as they happened and help them deal with closure. It is important to note and mention that the questions that the victims and families have regarding the sad events of 9/11 would be put to rest. This is to say that the victims, families and the society as a whole would have closure on the issue, appreciating successes and failures accordingly.
2. Relationship between the department of Defense and department of Homeland security regarding the issue of border security.
There exists as cooperative relationship between the DoD and homeland security where they engage in matters of complementarities (Wise, 2006). If there is a breach or any issue by the coastal line security and safety, then the homeland security would initiate the response at the signal of the DoD personnel. In practice, it is the role and duty of the DOD to safeguard the territorial integrity and waters of the USA, if a person is arrested trying to enter the country illegally, then the DOD personnel would handover such a person to Department of Homeland security for processing and charging such a person under relevant laws.
Wise, C. R. (2006). Organizing for homeland security after Katrina: is adaptive management what’s missing? Public Administration Review, 66(3), 302-318. Read More
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