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Internet and Extranet - Coursework Example

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It is, therefore, an internal network that cannot be accessed from outside the organization. Only employees and people with authorized or approved access can log on…
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Extract of sample "Internet and Extranet"

Intranet and Extranet Intranet and Extranet In most cases, the network that is often limited for use by computers in one organization is defined as intranet. It is, therefore, an internal network that cannot be accessed from outside the organization. Only employees and people with authorized or approved access can log on to a corporation’s web site, and this is often done to; share data, resources, information, and software applications within the organization. Communication is also the main purpose behind the use of intranet, and it makes data sharing easier and expands the knowledge base of employees in the company. Extranet, in contrast, is an internal network, but the only difference is that it can be accessed externally. This means that there is limited access to people outside the organization for purposes such as education and/or business. An organization’s vendors, suppliers, partners, and customers can access information through the extranet (Bidgoli, 2004).
Reverse logistics involves the movement of products from their final destination to the manufacturer or distributor of the product. This is either to refurbish or remanufacture the products, so as to capture the initial or intended value. The presence of the intranet in this case can help employees in a certain organization to share information as to what the product(s) needs, and how the movement of the product happened. The extranet, in such a case, would also bring the customer into the picture. If a customer is given access to a certain organization and certain aspects of its business, it means that they are loyal. They can, therefore, share information on the products sold, and why they might need refurbishing. Since manufacturers are also a part of this extranet, they might be made aware by both the customers and the organization they are meant to serve (Mollenkopf, Russo & Frankel, 2007).
Bidgoli, H. (2004). The internet encyclopedia. New York: Macmillan Publishers.
Mollenkopf, D., Russo, I., & Frankel, R. (2007). The returns management process in supply chain strategy. International Journal Physical Distribution Logistics Management, 37(7), 568-592. Read More
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