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Six Steps Involved in Conducting a Job Analysis of a Nursing Position - Assignment Example

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This paper "Six Steps Involved in Conducting a Job Analysis of a Nursing Position" focuses on the process that is used to collect information about responsibilities, relevant skills, and work environment of a job and its outcomes. Sufficient data is required before one puts down a job description.  …
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Six Steps Involved in Conducting a Job Analysis of a Nursing Position
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Extract of sample "Six Steps Involved in Conducting a Job Analysis of a Nursing Position"

Download file to see previous pages Further, the job analysis process helps in the determination of what a given job entails including the location, title, summary, working conditions, equipment, possible hazards and the material that the potential or existing employees will require to undertake the job (Dessler, 2008).
The first step in the job analysis process is to collect information concerning the job. Several methods can be used the collection of data about a given job. These methods include seeking the input of subject matter experts, reviewing classification standards and position descriptions, and going through occupational studies. Others include interviewing employees doing the job, letting employees fill questionnaires and observation.
Nurses in emergency rooms specialize in the provision of critical medical care, as well as, specialized forms of treatments to patients who are severely ill or injured. They are involved in the provision of treatments to patients who suffer from life-threatening conditions.
Of all the responsibilities emergency room nurses are involved in, undertaking the blood work is the most critical. This is because patients who visit this area lose blood at a high rate due to the kind of circumstances that they face before coming to the hospital. Further, the cleaning of lacerations is required, as well as, rapid assessment of patients.
To begin with, emergency room nurses ought to be fast and efficient in their duties. This duty needs individuals that can work in blood-filled areas comfortably. Further, nurses in emergency rooms need to have been adequately trained with good academic abilities.
Nurses need to be adequately trained so that they can have the relevant skills to clean up lacerations. This procedure requires near perfection, and this can be provided through adequate training. Further, nurses ought to have personalities that will allow them to work in areas with horrific sites. This personality is important because severely ill or injured individuals visit emergency rooms. Speedy, but efficient individuals are also required in the emergency rooms because of the pressure of the job.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Six Steps Involved in Conducting a Job Analysis of a Nursing Position Assignment”, n.d.
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