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Discussion Board on Beverage Reverse Logistics - Coursework Example

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The process also involves the consideration of remanufacturing and refurbishing. Considering the process is a reverse of the normal…
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Discussion Board on Beverage Reverse Logistics
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Extract of sample "Discussion Board on Beverage Reverse Logistics"

Beverage Reverse Logistics Affiliation Beverage Reverse Logistics Reverse logistics refer to the process of moving products from their normal destination with the objective of proper disposal or capturing value. The process also involves the consideration of remanufacturing and refurbishing. Considering the process is a reverse of the normal logistics operations, numerous organizations have employed less effective implementation strategies of reverse statistics (Madaan & Wadhwa, 2007). In a beverage company, what challenges may face the implementation process?
One major challenge in the massive requirement to handle products. In an argument by Madaan & Wadhwa (2007) reverse logistics provide an organization with massive inventory that require to be handled before they could be released back to the market or appropriately disposed. In addition, this process significantly increases the expenditure cost of an organization. Handling the massive product and adjusting expenditure costs is a significant implementation challenge.
Mollenkopf, Russo & Frankel (2007) assert that developing product handling techniques is a major problem in reverse logistics. In the beverage industry, product may be prone to breakages. Products returned from consumers may be packed ineffectively to withstand the transportation process. In an instance where the organization seeks to refurbish a product, the damages would hinder the process of remanufacturing to its desired market shape (Mollenkopf, Russo & Frankel, 2007).
Generally, major problems in the implementation process of reverse logistics are from the cost incurred in product handing and transportation from the source to the company. Massive costs are also incurred in evaluating the changes required on the product to design a market desired final product. This is a major problem considering that products are required to be at a shape that can deliver the reverse logistics objectives of an organization.
Madaan, J. & Wadhwa, S. (2007). Flexible Process Planning Approaches for Sustainable Decisions in Reverse Logistics System. Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, 8, (4): 1-8.
Mollenkopf, D., Russo, I. & Frankel, R. (2007). The Returns Management Process in Supply Chain Strategy. International Journal Physical Distribution Logistics Management, 37, (7): 568–92. Read More
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