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The Great Keystone Pipeline Debate Exercise - Essay Example

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The Keystone XL Pipeline is an oil and gas project that the US government wants to extend the present Keystone pipeline that carries an enormous amount of heavy crude oil from the sand oils that passes US from Canada refineries. This proposal was approved by the Republican that…
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The Great Keystone Pipeline Debate Exercise
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"The Great Keystone Pipeline Debate Exercise"

Download file to see previous pages Even though, the project may not have started, it is estimated that it will create many jobs. It is estimated it will create close to 20,000 jobs, 7,000 in manufacturing and an extra 13,000 in construction. The state Department reports that as more than 40,000 jobs will be established directly and indirect. It is stated that by building the pipeline an estimated amount of about $3.4 billion would be contributed to the American economy (Swart, Neil and Andrew 2012)
Moreover, the pipeline will create geopolitically secure position in contrast to other sources of oil used. It would create sustainable fuel use from Canada, a constant trading partner. Therefore, it increases energy security that comes from the Gulf Coast. It is because most of the oil comes from Middle East and Venezuela who are not reliable partners as compared to Canada (Swart, Neil and Andrew 2012)
Additionally, it is considered that the establishment of this pipeline system would provide a safer option in transportation since the enormous quantity of oil transported from Canada would cause a lot of damage to U.S. This is happening through rail and these paths could be used to replace pipeline. Transportation of oil by rail is environmentally hazardous to the environment. More deaths as a result of tanker train would be reduced tremendously by constructing expanding pipeline.
However, construction of the pipeline would have some adverse effects on the U.S. First it would cause and result in global warming that has the effect of damaging the U.S. GDP by almost 2%. The ripple effect will create a massive environmental impact causing global warming. It is also believed that the expansion of the pipeline has the risk factors associated with spilling to contamination of water and other materials. There is also the likelihood of pipe failure that carries oil making clean up of water ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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