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HLSS311 Forum 4 - Assignment Example

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Smuggling can be defined as an illegal transportation of people or objects, this can be done out of a premise, out of a prison or across global border, which infringes on the laws and rules set to govern the people (Treverton, et. al.2009). Smuggling takes place through the…
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HLSS311 Forum 4
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HLSS311 Form 4 Question Smuggling can be defined as an illegal transportation of people or objects, this can be done out of a premise, out of a prison or across global border, which infringes on the laws and rules set to govern the people (Treverton, et. al.2009). Smuggling takes place through the societal, ethnic and topographical boundaries. Items that encompasses drugs trafficking such as cocaine, human trafficking encompassing men, women and children who are utilized as items for sexual or labor mainly based on exploitation.
Individuals who normally benefit from smuggling are criminal gangs controlling smuggling business thus getting huge sum of money from this illegal business. Conversely, the victims of such circumstances are the local populace and the country (Andreas, 2009). Smuggling of animal products such as ivory and animal skin results to extinction of certain animal species whilst smuggling of natural resources results to loss of revenue, rural poverty, deforestation and climate change. Moreover, smuggling of illicit firearms results to escalated rates of homicides. Drugs result to massive school dropouts and corresponding escalation of crime rate (Richardson, Gordon & Moore, 2009).
Populaces who suffer from smuggling are mainly the locals as it disturbs peace due to human rights violation thus undermining both economic social and political advancement. Moreover, it also results to massive corruption and numerous health problems (Treverton, et. al.2009).
Question 2
U.S government can triumph war on drug by increasing educational awareness on its negative effects to the consumers thus ensuring that do not take part in drug trafficking (Andreas, 2009). The governments ought to initiate proper coordination with the underlying international communities via identification, investigation and prosecuting the existing smugglers. Moreover, the government can train more specialized law enforces in drug trafficking unit in order to escalate intelligence in combating smugglers and corresponding drug traffickers. Training in the means of utilizing technologies will aids in arresting drug smugglers (Treverton, et. al.2009). U.S government can also support the prevailing developing countries in countering smuggling threats.
Question 3
Supplementary border violations that normally threaten the expedition of genuine trade encompasses smuggling of citizens money to foreign accounts to avoid suspicion, which corrupt tycoon utilize in purchasing the other assets at the expense of the suffering citizens (Andreas, 2009).
Question 4
Globalization of organized crime is the interconnected crime that is executed by reputed crime around the universe. These kinds of crime pose massive threat such as destabilization of the country and affected regions thus undermining advancement within those regions (Treverton, et. al.2009). Moreover, such criminal activities involve the local people thus putting the lives of the citizens at risk. It results to money laundry in banking systems and women trafficking mainly for sexual exploitation and corresponding children trafficking for burglary and perpetuation of general sale of drugs. This kind of crime also results to perpetuation of kidnapping and human trafficking (Andreas, 2009).
Andreas, P.(2009). Border Games: Policing the U.S.-Mexico Divide, Second Edition. Ithaca: Cornell University Press
Richardson, H. W., Gordon, P., & Moore, J. E. (2009). Global business and the terrorist threat. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
Treverton, et. al.(2009). Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and Terrorism. RAND,.
UNODC. The Globalization of Crime A Transnational Organized Crime threat Assessment. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, June 2012. Read More
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HLSS311 Forum 4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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