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Many nations have stepped up their efforts to create and run on more renewable energy rather than the non-renewable energy sources that are headed for depletion. In essence, nations and governments ought to match their energy sources with the end use of energy (Heinberg, 2004)…
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Discussion Forum 4
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Solving the Problem of Brownouts Using a Combination of Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Many nations have stepped up their efforts to create and run on more renewable energy rather than the non-renewable energy sources that are headed for depletion. In essence, nations and governments ought to match their energy sources with the end use of energy (Heinberg, 2004). However, it is important to emphasize that both economic and environmental aspects significant affect the degree of exploitation of both renewable and non-renewable energy sources (Walker, 2010). Perhaps it is important to mention that the non-renewable energy source have a considerable impact on the environment while the renewable sources of energy are clean in nature (Johnston & Master, 2004). In this regard, this paper discusses appropriate solutions to the problem of brownouts using a combination of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, supporting the proposed solution on both economic and environmental grounds.
Fundamentally, the non-renewable energy sources, which are the most commonly exploited energy sources, normally deplete at their respective deposits (Walker, 2010). This means that the continued exploitation of the non-renewable sources is not sustainable as compared to the renewable energy sources (Heinberg, 2004). The major sources of non-renewable energy include fossil fuels whose deposits cannot guarantee the energy demands of the future generations. On the other hand, renewable energy sources such as nuclear, hydro, wind and solar energy play an important role in ensuring that the world attains a sustainable energy exploitation and use (Johnston & Master, 2004). 
Unfortunately, the non-renewable energy sources are heading for depletion leading to rampant situations of brownouts. This is particularly so because the current level of exploitation of the renewable energy sources is not adequate to meet the global demand (Johnston & Master, 2004). This is despite the fact that major players channel enormous amounts of resources to the project each year in attempts to promote the use of cleaner energy for both domestic and industrial purposes. In addition, brownouts occur majorly because a vast majority of the energy created is lost through wastage rather than conservation (Walker, 2010). In this regard, the best suggestion would be that the world be more cautious with the non-renewable energy due to the numerous environmental challenges such as waste disposal and interruption to the ecosystem. An approach that leans towards storing energy would work best for many countries in the reduction of cases of brownouts (Heinberg, 2004).
When all the stakeholders and interested parties work towards preserving renewable energy through appropriate storage techniques, the world will experience lesser cases of brownouts (Johnston & Master, 2004). Besides, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy is not only environmentally friendly but they are also more affordable as compared to the non-renewable energy sources (Walker, 2010). Since the renewable energy alone cannot meet the energy demands of the globe, at least going by the current global energy consumption statistics, low amounts of non-renewable resources ought to be incorporated in the process. This is because sustainability is not an overnight affair but a gradual process that requires patience and commitment (Heinberg, 2004).
Therefore, it is important that the globe moves towards seeking new methods of storing huge amounts of energy that can be used at will for both industrial and domestic purposes (Heinberg, 2004). Although the initial capital investment in renewable energy is enormous, the benefits that accrue due to such installations are gigantic in equal measure or even more. More importantly, the world should work at increasing the energy sources especially the renewable sources in all regions including remote areas if brownouts are to be an out-dated phenomenon (Johnston & Master, 2004).
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