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A logistics park is a concept of development where distribution centers usually seen in an inhabited area are designed in a park-like location that is created by landscaping. Logistics parks are a new design notion utilized by organizations as a way to effectively and…
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LOG502 MoD 5 TD Logistics Alternatives
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Advantages and disadvantages of intermodal logistics parks A logistics park is a concept of development where distribution centers usually seen in an inhabited area are designed in a park-like location that is created by landscaping. Logistics parks are a new design notion utilized by organizations as a way to effectively and efficiently manage, organize, and ship goods.
The use of intermodal transportation is becoming popular because of several reasons that include environmental benefits, cost savings and highway safety. Shippers take advantage of reduced rates, predictable pricing, and flexibility of loading and offloading commodities in a dropped trailer industry which reduces handling costs. The considerable cost savings can outweigh the speed used by shippers to move goods by trucks. In addition, intermodal is an environmentally friendly transportation mode (Browne et al. 4). By the use of intermodal transportation, organizations can reduce carbon footprint. Intermodal logistics parks allow shippers to have access to standardized transit schedules. It translates into capacity, reliability, and safety advantages. Moving the freight to intermodal allows companies to restructure their reverse logistics. Intermodal logistics parks provide cost savings, greater capacity, increased reliability, and significant safety and green advantages.
Intermodal freight transportation can be costly because of the number of transportation modes. Intermodal logistics parks involve high costs that are linked with moving freight by the use of different modes of transportation. In addition, the absence of communication and equipment’s idle time may increase costs of transportation. Equally, equipment moving from one place to another empty adds to the costs. The costs incurred are expenses paid to employees and fuel costs. (Browne et al. 10).

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Browne, Mike, et al. "Urban freight movements and public-private partnerships." 3rd International Conference on City Logistics, Madeira. 2004. Read More
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LOG502 MoD 5 TD Logistics Alternatives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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