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Sociology of Crime: Abu Dhabi Organizaed Crime - Research Proposal Example

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This paper intends to explain the organized crime in Abu Dhabi in the light of the Classical and Conflict School of Criminology. Therefore, the research would first define the issue of organized crime, followed by a discussion on the organized crime structure in the United Arab Emirates…
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Sociology of Crime: Abu Dhabi Organizaed Crime
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Extract of sample "Sociology of Crime: Abu Dhabi Organizaed Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Many a time the reasons behind a crime may be discernibly attributed to varied societal causes that nudge the individuals into getting into crime. Sometimes people do feel alienated from society as in the case of young people and minorities, which forces them to commit a crime to reassert their identity (Tonry, 2000, p. 150). Deviant behavior is also many times attributed to a youthful sense of rebellion, as in the case of teenagers. Many a time people commit crime because they seek acceptance from some social or political group that upholds deviant behavior. Whatever may be the causes that give way to crime; societies have to deal with varied negative consequences emanating from crime like depopulation, especially in urban areas, damage to the community spirit and social trust, environmental poverty and marginalization of certain areas and regions owing to there being notorious for crime (Box, 1989). This paper intends to explain the organized crime in Abu Dhabi in the light of the Classical and Conflict School of Criminology.
To put it simplistically, organized crime pertains to a very centralized enterprise being run by an international, national or local group of criminals, with the motive to indulge in criminal activities, mostly to accrue money or monetary benefits (Paoli, 2003, p. 6). Organized crime may engage in one or multiple criminal activities like prostitution and human trafficking, cybercrime, pornography, drugs, financial scams, money laundering, murder, etc. Realistically speaking, organized crime is a very complex term and varied experts have tried to explain the concept of organized crime in their own way. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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