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Major Trading Partners, Demographics, and System of Governance between the US and Canada - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper contains the annotation of the websites with the information about major trading partners, demographics, and system of governance between the US and Canada. The author of the paper makes a brief description of the information from these websites…
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Major Trading Partners, Demographics, and System of Governance between the US and Canada
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Extract of sample "Major Trading Partners, Demographics, and System of Governance between the US and Canada"

Download file to see previous pages By the end of 2009, the US government had exported about $1.6 trillion worth of goods and services to ten major trading partners of the world. The main exports from the US are capital goods which account for over 49% of the total exports. Industrial supplies account for about 26% while consumer goods account for 15% of the exports. Agricultural products like cereals account for about 9% of the total exports. The major trading nations that purchase goods and services from the US are, in descending order; Canada, Mexico, China and Japan. 
Surprisingly, the US has its greatest importer of goods in its closest neighbor, Canada. Apart from Canada, other world top trading partners of the US are China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, UK, South Korea, France, Taiwan, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, and Ireland. Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, and Germany are the top suppliers of imports to the US.
Canada’s top three trading partners cut across many continents. In North America, US is Canada’s main partner while in Asia and the Far East, China is the major trading partner of Canada. Mexico is the major trading partner of Canada from the South American region.
The US is Canada’s major trading partner. It affects Canada through trade, tourism, technology, history, and culture. There are distinguishing factors that have made the US stand out as being the lead actor in Canada’s trade operations. These factors are physical, economic, political and social.
From 2005 to 2010, the US has remained as the best trading partner with Canada in terms of exporting goods and services. The United Kingdom and Japan complete the number 2 and number 3 slots. For example, in 20005, the export value of the US in Canada was over 368,000 million dollars. These standards have been maintained over the years. The US also remains as the greatest importer of goods of Canadian origin. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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