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The Political Causes and Background of the Tiananmen Square Protests - Term Paper Example

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The focus of this analysis will be toward understanding the economic and political causes that led to the student protests of 1989. The political instabilities that followed Mao's death in 1976, caused a sequence of political order that was inconsistent at the level of policy and governance…
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The Political Causes and Background of the Tiananmen Square Protests
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the death of Mao in September 1976, along with the death of Zhou Enlai in January of 1976, causes a crisis in the possibilities of who would lead China toward the end of the century1. At that time, the vice premier of Zhou Enlai was Deng Xiaoping, who, had been both an active and involved member for nearly two decades, but also, and in the years from 1973 until his death, the assistant to Zhou Enlai2. However, he was regarded with some suspicion, and in spite of being one of the most qualified candidates for the position of both chiefs of state as well as the head of the communist party. First, he had badly antagonized the radicals, and as a result, did not remain in office for very long. In April of 1976, and with Mao’s approval, they announced that the figure of Hua Guofeng whose was regarded as a moderate was instated in power. Before examining in detail the processes and reasons underlying the succession of leaders after Mao, and in turn, overviewing their policies, some remarks need to be provided with respect or in regard to the relationship which was forming with Western countries, and the relations which were deteriorating with one of it’s strongest allies, namely, the Soviet Union. Because of concern over the Soviet military buildup or developments along the Chinese and Soviet borders, during the mid 1960s toward the early 1970s, as a mandate, China sought to improve relations with the United States of America, and for having not so much an Allie, as having a diplomatic allies on the world stage, that is, given their overwhelming influence due to military might and the globalization of the planet in the decades following the Second World War. For example, and as a surprise to the United States of America, the Chinese invited the American ping-pong team to China in 1971. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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