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Analysis of Documentary about Jerusalem - Assignment Example

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The author of "Analysis of Documentary about Jerusalem " paper identifiers whether the video gives the viewer a brief and accurate historical feedback on the significance of Jerusalem to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and explains the role of religion plays in the middle east politics…
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Analysis of Documentary about Jerusalem
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Documentary about Jerusalem"

Download file to see previous pages The documentary is historically accurate and generally fair. There is a lot of room for error, but Jennings is careful to present a balanced perspective.

Religion clearly plays a dramatic role in the Middle East. The truth is that nationalism also plays a huge role. The conflict has a long and bloody history and many people have tried and failed to solve it before. Nothing new has happened in the last few years to make it any easier to solve. In fact, some things have gotten quite a bit worse. There is little visionary leadership available on either side. As things stand now, it is unlikely this conflict will be resolved. The two sides are intractably opposed to one other. Furthermore, the Arab world is poorly developed in an economic sense; they maintain old grievances and are unable to look to the future. The only way the two-state solution will come about is if the international community exerts more pressure on both the Israelis and the Palestinians. A key to this is to try to stabilize both sides' identities. The truth is that nationalism in the Middle east is infused with religion. There is a potent mix of the two that combines with politics to make this situation intractable. Jennings effectively shows this in his documentary.

Because human identities are not stable they can be manipulated by demagogues and bad people it is easy for propaganda and newspapers to whip people up into an aggressive frenzy. Ethnicity and nationalism can be used to convince people to kill their neighbors or blow themselves up on buses full of civilians. It can cleave nations in two, and destabilize whole regions. As Edward Said has written, “Human identity is not natural and stable, but constructed and occasionally even invented outright” (Said). In the course of this conflict, ethnic nationalism—a collective aspect of human identity—plays a very significant role. It could be said to be a conflict-driver. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Documentary about Jerusalem Assignment.
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