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Greatest Long Term Threat to the UKs National Security - Coursework Example

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"Greatest Long Term Threat to the UK’s National Security" paper argues that even if the UK government was able to counter the internal threats like economic and social problems, it is difficult for the government to tackle the external threats from terrorists considering the network of terrorism…
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Greatest Long Term Threat to the UKs National Security
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Extract of sample "Greatest Long Term Threat to the UKs National Security"

Download file to see previous pages The UK is one of the major countries which are targeted by terrorists. Apart from terrorism, the UK is currently facing many other threats. According to a written ministerial statement by the Prime Minister of UK on the National Security Strategy Progress Report submitted to Parliament on 22 March, the nature of the threats UK face currently are from piracy and cybercrime to terrorism and nuclear proliferation (Statement on National Security Strategy, 2010, p.1). This paper briefly analyses the various types of security threats the UK is facing at present.

The UK is facing both internal and external threats from terrorist groups. If Al-Qaida is the major external threat for UK’s securities, various Irish republican terrorist groups engaged in violent activities inside the UK. Alex Watts (2009) has written an article on sky news on January 26, 2009, in which he mentioned that Al Qaeda has posted a chilling video threat to Britain on YouTube - showing masked gunmen shooting the Union Flag (Watts 2009). It is a fact that the major targets of Al-Qaida are the US and UK because of the continuous support extended by these countries to the major enemy of Islam, Israel. Muslim fundamentalists believe that Israel is committing the massacres against the Palestinians or the other Muslim world only because of the moral and political support extended by the US and UK. In other words, Muslim fundamentalists believe that U.S. and U.K. like Christian countries have the hidden agenda to baptize the Muslim world.

According to the principles of liberal democracy, free and fair elections should be conducted in a democratic country. UK and US like democratic countries believe that for a civilized society, only a democratic administration can ensure the human rights, secular rights, freedom and liberties of the citizens. Religious fundamentalism is heavily objected by the UK like countries. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Greatest Long Term Threat to the UKs National Security Coursework.
(Greatest Long Term Threat to the UKs National Security Coursework)
Greatest Long Term Threat to the UKs National Security Coursework.
“Greatest Long Term Threat to the UKs National Security Coursework”.
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