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A Small Country Fostering Greatest Happiness to People - Term Paper Example

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The goal of this paper "A Small Country Fostering Greatest Happiness to People" is to provide an overview of different perspectives of creating happiness towards people across the governments of various countries. An author of the paper will focus on urban design and economic policies…
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A Small Country Fostering Greatest Happiness to People
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Extract of sample "A Small Country Fostering Greatest Happiness to People"

Download file to see previous pages Leaders who are in leadership positions can also boost happiness by having a better relationship with the people. Good leaders should inspire people and have a good connection with them. An amicable country can be developed if the communication between the leaders and people is effective. Good environmental conditions also improve the living status of the people. The issue of disasters should be accounted for by properly putting the public facilities. Procedures concerning security should be established in order to protect the people. The government can perfectly design a country though happiness can only be achieved if put into practice.
Happiness is a state of a good life, flourishing, joy, freedom from suffering, well-being, pleasure, and prosperity. It is also a combination of being satisfied in life and positive emotions which are more than negative emotions. In general, happiness is the condition of being happy. Happiness is brought by good health, relationships, having more money, generosity in people, the capability of coping with stress and trauma, among others. People’s genes contribute fifty percent of happiness, ten percent from their life circumstances and the remaining percentage depends on the daily activities carried out. The ways in which one can boost happiness is by building a relationship, giving thanks, practicing kindness, giving up grudges, having a rest and paying attention. 
In a state of designing a small country, one should focus on developing the national interests that satisfy the people. Some of the national interests include good infrastructure, good leadership or system of government, favorable urban design, generating entertainment events, favorable economic policies and technological advancement among others.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Small Country Fostering Greatest Happiness to People Term Paper - 1.
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