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US/Pakistan Security Ties after September 11th - Research Paper Example

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This essay explores the reliability of this belief in the perspective of the historical narrative of US-Pakistan security ties. It evaluates the key forces currently manipulating this relationship and suggests a framework to develop this groundwork to boost prospective US-Pakistan alliance …
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US/Pakistan Security Ties after September 11th
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Download file to see previous pages Under the regime of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan gained independence on the 14th of August 1947 following a prolonged resistance by the Muslims of British-dominated India. Jinnah is regarded as the father of Pakistan; he initiated several political decisions and movements that became the pillar for the society of Pakistan.2
Jinnah was shaped by his experiences and the difficulties he won over. Jinnah is a Muslim from Karachi and obtained a great deal of his higher education in law in London. As an advocate, he sooner or later became the most important lawyer of Bombay, India. Being a politician, he was recognized for his dedication to the western form of democracy. Jinnah at first entered the Indian National Congress and initiated the resistance to liberate India from the British colonizers, collaborating with the well-known Hindu leaders, particularly, Gandhi. He, later on, discovered himself in conflict with the Hindu majority as he was later on persuaded that the caste-oriented Hindus did not aim to acknowledge the Muslims as citizens of India.3
He afterward led the resistance for the establishment of an autonomous Muslim state situated within the Muslim mainstream regions of India. Jinnah passed away on the 11th of September 1948, about a year after India’s declaration of independence from Great Britain. Recently independent states at the onset of the Cold War, namely, India and Pakistan, were eventually confronted with the problem of cooperating with the United States or the Soviet Union.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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