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The Recent History of the Democratic Party - Case Study Example

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The following paper entitled 'The Recent History of the Democratic Party' presents a clear demarcation line between the opposing political ideologies of the Republicans and the Democrats. This was highlighted by the outcomes of the 1994 and 1996 elections…
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The Recent History of the Democratic Party
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Extract of sample "The Recent History of the Democratic Party"

Download file to see previous pages The Democratic Party has been the oldest political party in the United States. Founded by Thomas Jefferson in the late eighteenth century, the party was particularly strong in the South with an ideology that opposes the interests of business and the North. It was severely damaged in the aftermath of the Civil War. It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt who ushered in a revival of the Democratic Party during his presidency. This period came to be known as the New Deal for Democratic Party as it gained enormous strength with its ideology appealing to the labor union members, minority groups and middle-income people. Since then, it has successfully established itself as the opposition to the right-leaning Republicans, with its liberal philosophy in its agenda.
Since the New Deal, the Democrats have emphasized the role of the federal government in promoting social, economic and political opportunities for all citizens. They generally support a tax system that places a greater burden on the rich and larger corporations, and that they prefer spending on social programs to spending on defense. This is probably one of the reasons why the American public is more inclined to trust a Democrat president into doing well with domestic issues when the times call for a leader that would address economic woes more than defense or foreign policy agenda. This is underscored by the burgeoning Democratic Party membership, which in 2004 claimed a peak of 72 million memberships, making the Democratic Party the largest political organization in America today. (Neuharth 2004) Naturally, the party has also an ideologically diverse base. The demographics has consisted of the progressives, conservatives, centrists and civil libertarians. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Recent History of the Democratic Party Case Study.
(The Recent History of the Democratic Party Case Study)
The Recent History of the Democratic Party Case Study.
“The Recent History of the Democratic Party Case Study”.
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