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The Difficulty of Connecting with the Parties Responsible for Addressing Important Problems - Assignment Example

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This paper "The Difficulty of Connecting with the Parties Responsible for Addressing Important Problems" focuses on the fact that in an illustration that was given by Donald Kettl he attempts to compare the effects of the Hurricane to the end of life care that his ailing mother in law received.  …
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Extract of sample "The Difficulty of Connecting with the Parties Responsible for Addressing Important Problems"

Download file to see previous pages It took an extraordinarily long time for the emergency response services to start responding to the effects of the hurricane and even then, there were evident signs that the emergency services were clearly struggling, and were having trouble coping with trying to help the hurricane survivors (Kettl, 2009).
In contrast to this, Kettl’s mother in law was seen to receive an excellent end of life case through the government’s Medicaid. All her wants and needs were adequately and sufficiently addressed by the program which was seen to be doing an excellent job at ensuring that it was able to deliver quality and timely services (Kettl, 2009).
Through the aid of these two illustrations, Kettl is able to identify that although the United States government has consistently proven to be good at the delivery of the basic services like medical care, garbage collection, and management of pension schemes. It had proven to be quite incapable of handling large-scale and unexpected problems like the effects of hurricane Katrina. Kettl argues that as opposed to the standard “vending machine model” that has been proven to work just fine when it comes to handling repeated problems that might face the system such as garbage collection, the handling of disasters is seen to require concentrated public-private and multi-agency partnerships (Kettl, 2009).
Kettl argues that it is increasingly becoming more and more difficult for the government to adequately meet the needs and demands of its citizens. As a result of this increasing difficulty for citizens to connect with the government so as to have their important issues addressed, there has been a general drift towards the creation of a situation whereby most of the work geared at meeting the demands for better and more services by the government has now been placed in the hands of private contractors (Kettl, 2009).    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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