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The following paper "Persuasive Speech about Immigrants in the US" will represent a speech directed to the US citizens. The writer claims that we will be able to rise among our differences and choose the right thing that is to agree to accept and home the refuges…
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Persuasive Speech about Immigrants in the US
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PERSUASIVE SPEECH OF THE OF THE Introduction Ladies and gentlemen, should we support the president on accepting immigrants or is our president not able to see the big picture? This is a delicate issue that needs a sober mind and also patience in tackling it.
The United States has over the years risen above hate and disaster. Our forefathers were always people who stood for just and equality. (Sellnow, 2014) They were against discrimination of people just because of mere stereotypes. It is for this reason that I choose to be counted as one of the many grandsons who is ready to stand for peace and just. The reason most of us are afraid of the immigrants is because we view and perceive them as terrorists not forgetting that we are stereotyping and losing on the big picture that people are losing lives. We have been brainwashed by these criminals that violence is part of Islam.
This has been done by the terror attacks that these people have done in our friendly states from France to the Middle East. It is because of this that I stand with the President of The United States that we should take in refugees. That these refugees are running from the same people that we hate and fear in equal measure. Imagine the young boy that was washed away while trying to cross the sea so that he could run away from these killers. This young boy could be a brother, a son or even a grandchild to us. No one will ever know the destiny of this child maybe he could be the one to help the world get a cancer drug or even be the one to tackle climate change. (Sellnow, 2014)
Why should we then choose to ignore our foundations and our belief that we are the trendsetters of this world and stand for the truth of this world? The issue we should be addressing my dear people is how to help them once they get in this country and whether they need to be allowed to come here. The immigrants would want peace, but they cannot get it in their country. Yes, the challenges are many what if the killers come in for this reason that they are refugees also. We do have one of the most sophisticated intelligence that can smoke any criminal from any corner of this world. (Sellnow, 2014)We will put them in charge of vetting each refugee and having them take enough time will enable us to get the best that we can and will also not compromise our homeland security.
We need to understand that as we live here a man can be good or bad, and this does not depend on whether he is rich, poor, black, white but the ideals the man decides to live.In our 21century, we are the ones to ensure that human rights are not just a favor to the rich but are administered to any person regardless of their background and culture. (Sellnow, 2014)
As I adjourn, it is my hope and trust that we will be able to rise among our differences and choose the right thing that is to agree to accept and home this refuges. We will not relent in giving people a second chance to dream again, and we will always strive to defeat our enemies without hurting our allies.
Sellnow, D. (2014). The Challenge of Effective Speaking in a Digital Age. Chicago: Cengage Learning. Read More
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