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The Arab Socialist Regimes - Essay Example

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The paper "The Arab Socialist Regimes" explains that the Arab form of socialism has been marked by imperialism in which the central power is centered around an individual as opposed to the current regimes in which the people are granted the chance to elect their leaders through a democratic process…
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The Arab Socialist Regimes
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Extract of sample "The Arab Socialist Regimes"

Download file to see previous pages The socialist regimes in the Arab countries of the Middle East had a number of characteristics that makes them different from the current systems in the countries. These features were mainly evident in Syria, Egypt and Iraq. Some of the features included central planning in which control and planning of economic activities and other government activities. The government took the initiative of setting up the production goals, wage limit and costs of goods and services. It also ensured total control of all the public assets and resources. This was contrary to the current system in which the countries such as Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq are approaching planning through the laissez-faire system where they do not directly control the economy. The regimes ensured a welfare state approach in the distribution of public resources. In Iraq, people were guaranteed universal healthcare, education and provision of support funds to the old members of the society. This is still applied in those countries since welfare is not the same thing as socialism.
The socialist regimes aimed at achieving self-sufficiency in the production process, initiating public investment so as to raise the capacity level and finally promoting import substituting form of industrialization.This is different from the current Arab regimes that are advocating for capitalism in which people are motivated to produce their own wealth. The locals who include farmers and low-scale workers have lost the socialized form of life in education, medicine and agriculture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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