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As illustrated widely by Cleveland and Martin (2013), the Arab-Israeli war had a great impact in shaping the attitudes of the participants. There were various events that this conflict resulted in, that shaped, at a great deal, the regional affairs in the Middle East…
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Arab-Israel conflict
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Events in the Middle East during 1970s and 1980s Illustrating the Growing Centrality of Arab-Israel Conflict Eventsin the Middle East during 1970s and 1980s Illustrating the Growing Centrality of Arab-Israel Conflict
As illustrated widely by Cleveland and Martin (2013), the Arab-Israeli war had a great impact in shaping the attitudes of the participants. There were various events that this conflict resulted in, that shaped, at a great deal, the regional affairs in the Middle East. Some of the events affected the political and social well-being of the countries involved while others mainly interfered with the economic as well as the war strengths of these parties. The events at a greater extent acted to bring the parties together; ceasefire and form resolve the disputes.
Among the events include the deprivation of Egypt of the Sinai oil field revenues as well as those from the Suez Canal. There were increased subsidies from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that Egypt was forced to seek to make up for the lost revenues. Another event was with Jordan that lost the West Bank, which, for a long time, was regarded as the most productive region in agriculture. At the same time, the conflict between the Arabs and Israel also saw Jordan lose its most precious tourist sites in both Jerusalem and Bethlehem. In as much as Syria also lost the Golan Heights, this did not affect is so much economically. However, the occupation of Israel of these put the Israeli forces within easy striking forces of Damascus. At the same time, there was a decimation of the Armed Forces of the Arab states as a result of the conflict. Egypt suffered a loss of over 12,000 men together with 80 per cent of its armor and air force. Syria also lost 2,500 of its men while the army from Jordan was put into temporary inaction fighting unit (pp.317).
A lot of political and social changes came about as a result of the Arab-Israel conflict. Massive efforts and sacrifices were put in to realize a massive popular participation. Many people involved also felt disillusioned (pp.318). Other events such as the coup that saw the Syrian regime overthrown in November 1970 were also among those that transpired. This gave an opportunity to Hafiz al-Asad to start his long rule in Damascus.
There was an endorsement of Resolution 242 by Egypt, Israel and Jordan (pp.319). However, Syria and the Palestinian organizations declined to become a party to this endorsement due to its alleged ambiguousness and open-endedness that the accepting parties could make different interpretations out of it. A cease-fire was, however, secured by Rogers Plan, who was a UN official, at least at the Suez Canal. This provided an opportunity for the parties to reassess their positions.
The conflict also had an impact in giving an impetus to the rise of Palestinian military and political organizations at the same time. Nasser was forced to offer his personal mediation during the 1970 clashes in Jordan that occurred between the Palestinians and the Army of the Jordan. There was also a summit meeting that was convened in Cairo as a result of the conflict whose aim was to work out a cease-fire that was to be considered acceptable to both the Palestinians as well as King Husayn (pp.319). Sadly, after the negotiations, there was a death of Nasser, who was involved in these negotiations contributed to by heart attack. This saw a great Arab figure for the fifteen years been taken out of the scene, also due to the conflict. The rivalry was suspended temporarily to create time to mourn Nasser, and during this time, the countries were together.
Cleveland, W. L., & Martin, B. (2013). A History of the Modern Middle East (5th ed.). Boulder: Westview Press. Read More
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