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Democracy as the Best Form of Governance - Term Paper Example

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In this paper, the author demonstrates capitalism in which the bourgeois have the power to dictate the social, political, and economic state of a given system. Also, the author describes why capitalism has led to glaring inequalities in the social and economic spheres of societies…
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Democracy as the Best Form of Governance
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Extract of sample "Democracy as the Best Form of Governance"

Download file to see previous pages People do not realize that labor and capitalism have enslaved them explains that they do not realize the need for change, thus making them one-dimensional thinkers.  As such, instead of fighting against the alienation caused by capitalism and demanding social change, one-dimensional thinkers begin to identify with those who fuel such capitalism, thus becoming complacent in their alienated state. As Marcuse writes, “…the subject which is alienated is swallowed up by its alienated existence…there is only one dimension, and it is everywhere and in all forms…” (19). Fundamentally, the working class people are lured into a consumerism system in which labor is essential for production, their artificial needs are met, and these people are slowly integrated into the capitalist society. By ensuring that the workers perceive labor as beneficial and making sure that the worker’s artificial needs are met, the capitalist society eliminates the chances of opposition.
One of the catalysts of the kind of alienation caused by capitalism is technology. Marcuse argues that technology has revolutionized the mass media such that the capitalist system is able to infiltrate the social lives of its citizens (18). In essence, mediums such as radio and television have been used by the system to take capitalist ideas into the homes of citizens thus affecting their social life. These media carry consumer messages into homes thus greatly influencing the consumer habits of the audiences. When people are fed the same messages repeatedly, their decisions are influenced and they are bound to buy into the ideologies being carried by the messages. 
As Marcuse writes “The …the mere absence of all advertising and of all indoctrination media of information and entertainment would plunge the individual into a traumatic void where he would have the chance to wander and think…” (172). The state is thus, no different than those advertisers use this mechanism to create artificial needs among the consumers and come up with products to satisfy these needs. Debord argues that in such cases “…the satisfaction of primary human needs is replaced by an uninterrupted fabrication of pseudo-needs…” (51). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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