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Reasons and Ideas of Democracy - Essay Example

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This essay concerns the concepts of democracy. Notably, centuries ago democracy was unheard of and communication was probably the hardest thing then. This was worse, considering that political ideologies would only be contributed and known within the politically powerful people. …
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Reasons and Ideas of Democracy
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"Reasons and Ideas of Democracy"

Download file to see previous pages Democracy in the modern age is best known by the notion, of a people’s governance style. Usually, a government stands at the epitome of authority and is most likely able to govern its people in accordance with its interests, whether good or bad, preferable or not. Democracy, in the ancient times, was first realized among the Greeks in the early century. The word democracy, in Greek, is a two-word meaning “the people” and “to rule”, thus can be seen as a rule governed by the people. At the time, the Greek were closer to their people and better at communication than any other country in the world. The monarchical system was viewed as probably the worst to use in governance. In their governance, everybody was involved in making decisions that affected the country. This made them the most civilized nation then. Greek at the time had not embodied democracy maximally as women were still serving as slaves. Fifty years later, this was no longer the case since women slavery was slowly diminishing, thus embracing full democracy. This idea of democracy was later adapted by several countries but hugely by the Romans. Their government was divided into two branches and issues were voted on in order to make sure that democracy was maintained. In the eighteenth century, several ideas had become prevalent. This was especially enhanced by Christianity that teaches that everyone is equal before the eyes of God. This idea of equality became deeply ingrained by the people, and hence a crucial way of determining how decisions were to be handled in government. Some people may view democracy as the best form of governance while others may see it as the worst form of governance. Freedom has been seen as an essential point of governance especially that Democracy is consisted of it. This makes it the best form to use in governance. Democratic nations have people with freer options as compared to those that use autocracy. These rights include voting for the system of power and determining decisions that impact the country. Other include, working as the opposition in criticizing the government and freedom of speech and expression. The representative democracy started when colonialists wanted a fairer system of taxation, thus including representation of people to be able to have a say in the governance of the country. America may not have followed in the Athenian form of democracy but the representative seemed to work really fine, especially in recognizing people’s rights. While in Cairo, president Obama expressed the different forms of democracy within the United States and showed how they may be embraced by other nations in embracing peace. He showed how ideology was recognized for making democracy more effective as a system of governance. The White House, (2009), in the speech that president Obama delivered in Cairo, the president explains how democracy has helped eliminate religious wars and instill peace within his country. He states that the United States, being amongst the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reasons and Ideas of Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words. Retrieved from
(Reasons and Ideas of Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Reasons and Ideas of Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Reasons and Ideas of Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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..., environment protection, safety and order. Fourthly, democracy always considers the respect for the dignity of man and his personal freedoms such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression, among others. Learning from the above, what else does not work with democracy? According to the International IDEA : “The relationship between democracy and development is the key challenge. Despite economic growth in many countries, poverty and inequality remain …and if democracy does not “deliver” on development, it risks being challenged with rise of authoritarianism. “ (IDEA, n.d.) The other factor to consider as a “weakness of the democratic...
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Democracy government departments, and was used by researchers and interested observers both within and outside the United States to locate official documents, and a host of news and debate. From the perspective of the government it provided an opportunity to explain controversial issues and decisions, such as foreign policy moves and legal developments. American democracy was laid out for the world to see, and the site provided a uniquely detailed exposition of the mechanics of government. Different ornganizations, their committee structures, funding , role descriptions and agendas were openly available for all to see. Users could inform themselves about emerging issues, and track back the history of any government decision...
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...?Democracy The word ‘Democracy’ is derived from the two Greek words ‘Demos’ and ‘Kratos’ which mean ‘People’ and ‘Rule’ respectively. So, it can be described as the rule of the people. According to Sir John Seeley, democracy can be defined as “a government in which everyone has a share”. Lord Bryce states that democracy is “the form of government in which the ruling power is vested not in a particular class but in all the persons of a state”. Abraham Lincoln defined it as “democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Carl Becker defined democracy as “a democratic form of government has always meant one in...
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...Democracy Democracy is a form of organization or management in which every person is en d to their view and opinion.With democracy every opinion raised is respected and not entitled to judgment. Democracy has different meanings to different people. In America, democracy comes from status Vivendi where the people are more superior to the government while in Russia democracy stems from the understanding that people identify with both the government and its sovereignty. In America, democracy helps the citizens constantly analyze the reaction of the government towards its people. In Russia, democracy...
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...?Use Hauss and Dahl’s definition of “democracy” to write a three page essay on the extent to which the American political system is “exceptional” when compared to that of other industrial democracies. Various leading political scientists of the twentieth century have understood, defined and interpreted ‘democracy’ in a variety of ways. Robert Dahl, arguably the most influential American political scientist of the 20th century reckons that democracy is a utopian concept that is not found anywhere in contemporary geo-politics. In its stead, leading industrial societies of the world, including the United States have a ‘Plutocracy’, where power is shared and wielded by...
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Democracy Remove a California mayor. This occurred in 2003 when the people of people voted to unseat the Democratic Mayor Gray Davis with the Terminator star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some people feel that this is the very essence of democracy. Another democracy example is the infamous Watergate Scandal which occurred from 1972 to 1974. President Richard Nixon resigned voluntarily than wait to be impeached by the people. President Richard Nixon had the democratic will to order his loyal friends to stop eavesdropping on the plans of their opponent party's plans, but he did not. He could have his own reason for not...
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...of government by the legislators, rulers or decision makers of a new state, country or nation for that matter. The reasons for having a democratic set up in place are immense as outlined in the above paragraphs and the evidence has also been established as per its advantages and uses. The need of the hour is to realize whether or not a nation could actually run within the democratic regimes in the truest sense and as to how its people would react to the notion of having democracy within their folds. Conclusion In the end, it is important to understand that democracy paves the way for a smooth flowing governmental regime in place within any state or country and it is to the benefit of...
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Discuss Greek ideas of Democracy, Citizenship, voting
...Greek Ideas of Democracy, Citizenship, Voting The ancient Greeks had an interesting system of government. Their idea of democracy, citizenship and voting itself may be considered the foundation of all democracies in later times but the democracy they experienced was very different from the democratic systems that we have today. To better understand the Greek ideals concerning democracy, citizenship and voting itself it would be easier to treat them each as a singular topic to be discussed in detail. Of these citizenship is most important since it lays down the foundation of who can vote and thus be a part of the...
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...will and increasingly associated with the rule of law, maintenance and exercise of the key rights and freedoms of people. The United States legal system is the foundation of democracy and freedom because it draws boundaries on which rights and freedoms the administration can violate or interfere with- the United States rule of law anchors on the US constitution and Bill of Rights. In the United States legal system, human rights are increasingly essential for a harmonious and prosperous society. In the US, because every citizen owns property, the United States laws and the public recognize the principle of property rights. Similarly, the US government ensures that the political rights idea trickles right...
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...DEMOCRACY The onset of the 18th century marked the beginning of the determination to be involved in the affairs of the government by the people. Started by the ancient Greeks, it was generally pointed out that politicians worked for themselves and did not think about other people when making a decision. Among the expected merits and therefore payoffs of democracy was that it establishes and protect the freedom of the people, in terms of individuality and as a nation. Democracy therefore gives the public a chance to participate as well as be represented in the political system. In this case, it has the interest of the minority, since the minority is free from discrimination due to their...
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