The Birds and the Foxes by James Thurber - Book Report/Review Example

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This work The Birds and the Foxes by J. Thurber is a masterpiece of his satirical works. The report discusses the central notion around which this work revolves is the use of different ways in which political language is used to justify an action that is directed towards the destruction of the weak…
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The Birds and the Foxes by James Thurber
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Extract of sample "The Birds and the Foxes by James Thurber"

James Thurber "The Birds and the Foxes" This work by James Thurber is a masterpiece of his satirical works. The central notion around which this workrevolves is the use of different ways in which political language is used to justify an action that is directed towards the destruction of the weak. Interestingly, the words of the powerful party are given importance, while the weaker party is not allowed to express its concerns.
Also interesting to note is the systematic way in which wars are raged against others who are weak. Thurber asserts that initially, the powerful opt to display their discontent by the use of actions like protests. But it is entirely up to their will to decide the timing of destruction of the weak people. The ‘foxes’ in this case represent the powerful elements of human society, and since they are busy civilizing other animals in the start, they chose to postpone the idea of destroying orioles. But later, when their interest develops, they change their mind and decide to attack the birds. The political reason being that these birds are ‘a menace to the peace’ of the region. Moreover, the foxes raise a historical argument; the foxes used to live in the place where birds live today.
All these tactics are a reflection of the way in which powerful forces believe and behave. No matter how absurd the argument, it is used to justify action that benefits the powerful. Moreover, the opinion of the weak forces is never sought and they are forced to die a painful death, without even knowing the reason.
Thurber, J. (1940) Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated (New York, 1940), p. 53. Read More
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