The Collapse of Multiculturalism and the Rise of Nationalism - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The purpose of the following essay is to analyze how the perception of multiculturalism by society changed in recent years. The essay will also discuss the reasons for such changes. Particularly, the essay addresses the statement that multiculturalism was merely a historical episode…
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The Collapse of Multiculturalism and the Rise of Nationalism
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Extract of sample "The Collapse of Multiculturalism and the Rise of Nationalism"

Download file to see previous pages Since advocates and opponents of multiculturalism tend to consider this notion from different angles, their discussions sometimes resemble a total mess. It happens because this notion does not have a clear and unambiguous definition. Such a kind of collision occurred during the discussion of political announcements, made by leaders of Germany (Angela Merkel), the United Kingdom (David Cameron), and France (Nicolas Sarkozy) in 2011 concerning the policy of multiculturalism.
None of these leaders tried to doubt the importance of peaceful coexistence between the representatives of different cultures within one country. But all of them spoke about collapse while appreciating multiculturalism as a political strategy. They criticized the organizing principles of interaction of different ethnic, racial, and faith communities within a single country. According to their words, the chosen principles turned to be wrong and ineffective. It is clear, that the issue of multicultural disintegration is acute for many countries.
Multiculturalism is one of the aspects of tolerance which presupposes a mixture of cultures. It means that different cultures interpenetrate and enrich each other in terms of universal mass culture development. Multiculturalism may be regarded as one of the most essential issues of our time, which is especially urgent for European countries. The concept of universal human values expects highly-developed societies to accept cultural elements of different peoples and societies into their own cultural space. Alien cultural elements may come from former colonies of metropolitan countries. The increasing influx of immigrants from poorer countries is one of the largest factors as well. As a result, centuries-old cultural patterns and traditions of such countries are endangered, since this kind of intermixture leads to inevitable loss of cultural identity.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Collapse of Multiculturalism and the Rise of Nationalism Admission/Application Essay)
The Collapse of Multiculturalism and the Rise of Nationalism Admission/Application Essay.
“The Collapse of Multiculturalism and the Rise of Nationalism Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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