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The paper "Using Power in Achieving Different Goals" states that power among many individuals is utilized to enhance the social well-being and improve various cultural values. Barack Obama has been influential in establishing global relationships with various countries as well as mending broken ones. …
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Using Power in Achieving Different Goals
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Part 1
The incumbent president of the United States, , can be identified as an individual with reflective capabilities for using power. He has been influential in establishing global relationships with various countries as well as mending broken ones. Power among many individuals is utilized to enhance the social well-being and improve various cultural values. The president exhibits power through his eloquence when addressing gatherings in different places, both within the country and at international meetings (Greenstein, 2009). His eloquence has been fundamental in establishing trust and influencing other people within the society. Such influence has been fundamental in winning elections throughout his political career. He has effectively utilized power to influence multitudes and gain essential support from different socio-cultural groups.
He has used power in achieving different goals from promises made during the camping periods. Commitment and accountability have been fundamental traits in the utilization of power by president Obama. He always appears calm and relaxed despite the challenges facing the government in containing growing socio-economic issues, within the country. Effectively members of the government have been empowered to perform and make decisions regarding the state at the international level (Nye Jr, Rachman, Mead, & Mearsheimer, 2012). Many of the ambassadors perform their responsibilities independent of governmental influence. This has been an incremental approach in ensuring passing of power, and subsequently gaining positive benefits. Many international relationships have been established and restored following this careful transfer of presidential power to ambassadors.
Within the real world, individuals become advised to refrain from hoarding power in seeking to ensure that power empowers others. The transfer of power must be undertaken carefully to eliminate possibility of misusing such power. The element of communication remains incremental in ensuring power enhances social agendas and not personal benefits (Bal, Campbell, Steed, & Meddings, 2008). The language utilized in communications must, therefore, be clear and eloquent in delivering messages. This effectively results in sufficient understanding between communicating individuals or centers. Individuals can establish relationships based on understanding of each other, and reflection of their situations and emotions. Fundamentally, individuals exhibit power through their capacity to transmit ideologies and perceptions effectively, to other individuals. When people working behind an individual become empowered to take action for the individual, the individual’s power becomes enhanced within the social setting.
Part 2
Power distance has been defined as the level of acceptance by less powerful individuals within a society in a county, regarding unequal distribution of power. This is based on social beliefs that followers and leaders remain fundamental in endorsement of social inequality. Within an organizational sector employees and managers expect to receive direct communication regarding issues facing the organization. Power distance remains an attribute affected by social factors like masculinity, religion and individualism, within a given social setting. In the United States, power distance has been an issue under discussion in the comprehensive immigration reform bill. Politicians and parties have taken different stands regarding immigration issues within the country (Shear & Parker, 2014). The bill under discussion seeks to enhance the experience of non-American citizens seeking permanent migration into the United States. The reforms will empower many authorities to perform various functions related to immigration laws within the country.
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