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The paper 'What is the Difference between Presidential and Parliamentary form of Government?' focuses on the UK adopts Parliamentary System that empowers the Parliament of Britain to control all functions of the government. The people through a plebiscite appoint the members of Congress…
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What is the Difference between Presidential and Parliamentary form of Government
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The fact that he is not subjected to the legislature in the selection means that he can choose wise men and women with extensive experience (Pushparaj web).
In Parliamentary systems, leaders lack the ability to provide effective leadership. Parliamentary leaders often depend on others to perform their duties because they lack the knowledge of the changing world. Presidential systems of government have experienced leaders who perform their duties properly. In addition, parliamentary systems conflict with presidential systems in that secession is common in parliamentary systems. Defection results in nepotism, corruption, and political instability because of the short-lived coalitions. A minister has the discretion and mandates to do that which he deems fit and nobody can exert pressure on him.
Presidential system is more democratic than Parliamentary systems. In addition, it is easier to get laws in the USA than in the UK because in the USA ministers have a higher level of discretion and mandate to operate than ministers in the UK. However, the British system of government benefits include equal representation of all constituencies both urban and rural, decisions on issues has the say of the majority, and the selection of the prime minister is on the will of the majority of members of parliament. Additionally, criticism by the opposition is welcome to the leading government. Read More
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