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The paper discusses economic changes that have happened in America for the last forty years and how these changes have influenced racial, sexism and classism. Inequality is still being perpetuated by the difference in levels of education that has given the whites an edge over the blacks. …
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Then And Now How Is America Changing
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Then and now: How is America changing? Introduction America is one country that is verydynamic politically, socially and economically. Our main focus is economic changes that have happened in America for the last forty years and how these changes have influenced racial, sexism and classism. Many factories in America have opted for cheap labor abroad, which in turn produces cheap products that have ready market both in America and the world. There has been debate on inequality debate in America over the last decade and this economic inequality, has shown no sign of going away although there are some improvements with regards to bridging the racial divide. About fifty years ago a white American would get a higher wages than the black colleague doing the same job under the same conditions; this form of inequality no longer exists. But inequality is still being perpetuated by the difference in levels of education that has given the whites an edge over the blacks. This has pushed the blacks to more unskilled labor that has gradually been reduced by the decision of most factories to outsource cheap labor.
Racism in America has always appeared as a system. It is a system that has been supported by economic and materialistic conditions in places of work whether in blue collar jobs or in other forms of employment. The joblessness has also been reinforced by increased social isolation due to lack of proper education and other social supports (Silva, 2003). This in the long run condemns the unemployed segment into a vicious cycle that is not easy to break, which gives the impression that a particular races are not fairly considered.
Over the years there have been efforts to break the structural racism and social classing and this has worked. Presently, there are more African American professionals and businessmen than any time in the history of the United States with the current president being black. This trend in racial harmony has been a function of the elements of tolerance and understanding that has been cultivated into the American people since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. In as much as the racial and gender divide has been bridged, America is today faced with a much bigger problem of economic disparity with 99% struggling as the 1% wallow in wealth. The economic divide so created is severe to the extent that poor Americans have opted to mounting regular demonstrations like the ongoing “occupy the wall street demonstration” and with these happenings a possible class revolution may be seen in the future.
Silva, E. (2003). Racism without racists: color-blind racism and the persistence of racial inequality in the United States. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield. Read More
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Then And Now How Is America Changing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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