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North Korea Philosophy and Foreign Policy - Case Study Example

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The author examines the domestic political economy of North Korea, the leadership of which has in the past been the greatest worry to its economic reforms. Its foreign policy has in many ways ended up on the wrong side of international bodies and other countries…
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North Korea Philosophy and Foreign Policy
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Extract of sample "North Korea Philosophy and Foreign Policy"

Download file to see previous pages Collective actions by different governments are the main means of controlling unhealthy competition and stopping irrational conducts of unsure stability. Several policy-making institutions and global tools have been put in place to ensure better politics of globalization. Such institutions and tools include; the G-20, G-Zero, the World Trade Organization, the Beijing Consensus, and the United Nations. With the support of the named institutions, governments can collectively come up with a balance in their social programs competition so as to encourage social innovation and confidence. Globalization does not need plain trade-offs between social protection and competition. The ability of the respective governments as well as global institutions to take on collective actions has so far been underestimated to the extent that the politics of globalization has to be reviewed and refurbished. This applies to the North Korean politics of globalization which has been experiencing both ups and downs (Carlin and Joel 102). 

A good example is a nuclear issue that created a hostile international environment working against its internal reforms. However, this should not be an excuse for the country not to have better reforms in relation to globalization. The domestic dynamics have a bigger role to play. The politics and leaders of North Korea have openly returned to an approach that is more controlled to economic policy. The changes in these policies have had significant implications on the North Korean strategies and intentions of economic commitment. Economic inducements like joining the international financial institutions, sanctions lifting or engaging in regional cooperation that is more –formalized have not really worked out as most stakeholders wished it could. The current regime is in favor of targeted transfers that are to the advantage of the leaders. The transfers involve; heavy shipments of oil, direct cash payments and food aids (Noland and Gordon 90). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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