Current issue between Native America and the Federal government - Coursework Example

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In scrutinizing through the Indian Country Today, I realized that there are a number of issues that have still been an issue between the Native Americans and the federal government. The issue that I will discuss here regards land. …
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Current issue between Native America and the Federal government
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Current issue between Native America and the Federal government In scrutinizing through the Indian Country Today, I realized that there are a number of issues that have still been an issue between the Native Americans and the federal government. The issue that I will discuss here regards land. The government had been lying to Indians about their land. The commitment from my research remained codified in federal law, treaties, executive orders, international doctrines, and judicial opinions. It has three obligations: to protect Indian trust lands: Protection of any tribal self governance: provision of basic medical, educational and social services to tribal members. United States of America government has constantly failed to abide to the laws (National Congress of, 2012).
In accordance to some study by the Civil Rights group, less funding became directed to the Native Americans, funds towards law enforcement, education and health care (National Congress of, 2012). Therefore, the Native Americans became angered since they do not trust the government.
Therefore, in the meantime most tribes are in the process of to buying the lands that separate them from their reservation sites. They are to become less independent as they engage in other activities (Indian Country Today, 2012).
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Indian Country Today. Indian Land. National Congress of American Indians: NCAI, 2012. Read More
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