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Current Event - Assignment Example

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The article addresses the issue of increased immigration of minors in the U.S by highlighting several cases including that of a 16…
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Current Event
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Immigration Surge in Child Migrants Reaches New York, Overwhelming Advocates by Kirk Semple is a New York Times’ article that was featured on June 17, 2014. The article addresses the issue of increased immigration of minors in the U.S by highlighting several cases including that of a 16 year old Christian who found his way in U.S after travelling all the way from Guatemala. The author explains that Christian, just like other minors migrants was guided by smugglers and dodged authorities in many countries before reaching U.S (Semple Web).
Semple asserts that the American law enforcement agents have successfully been held in America and arraigned in immigration courts for deportation hearing (Web). Obama’s administration actually declared a humanitarian crisis following the surge in migration of unaccompanied minors across the country especially in places with large immigrant populations. The government has therefore opened emergency centers on the Southwest part including California, Oklahoma and Texas to shelter the migrants who always fight back deportation orders.
Places such as the New York where there is rise in child migrants have reported an increase in the number of unaccompanied minors who seek help in the past even as the migrants claim that they left their native countries because of violence and the threat of gang recruitment or economic necessity. The shelters that were created by the government have been at capacity in the recent months where they are detained before released to their relatives (Semple Web). In fact, the author explains that some minors such as Leo who has been highlighted in the article took almost two months in the shelters before being reunited with their relatives in the U.S. Semple has also indicated that most of the minors normally qualify for some form of immigration relief raising questions on the number of new arrivals who will be allowed to stay permanently in the U.S (Web). The greatest challenge faced by unaccompanied minors that require urgent needs such as health care, psychological counselling and educational support that are not easy to offer hence exposing them to high risks.
Immigration issues have been rampant in the recent issues even though it began it began several decades ago in America and across the world. American Federal System of Government have always tried to address the issue by instituting various policies on controlling and treatment of the migrants. For more than 150 years, federal government has been pre-eminent in immigration policy while Congress and the Supreme Court have allowed little room for the regulation of immigrants’ live. Legislation has been restrictive in the past making it hard for the immigrants to live and work well within the American society (Ong Web).
Immigration policy has been at the center of the U.S presidential elections especially enforcement between the federal and states and the current policy looks more like a patchwork of overlapping and potentially conflicting authorities instead of a universal or nationwide approach to the issue. Initially, America’s immigration laws were strongly under federal control but that has changed because the federal government began devolving enforcement power to the local government (Ong Web). However, the situation seem to have grown worse and more complicated implying that federalism is the only solution to the problem of immigration.
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Semple, Kirk. Surge in Child Migrants Reaches New York, Overwhelming Advocates. New York Times, 17 June 2014. Web. 18 June 2014. Read More
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