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A review in light of the policy concerns - Term Paper Example

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Nickel and Dimed is an investigation into the effectiveness of the government policy entitled the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act 1996, a venture introduced by the then president Bill Clinton to eradicate the increasing cases of government welfare checks being issued for able-bodied but jobless individuals. …
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A review in light of the policy concerns
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Download file to see previous pages The share of federal budget awarded to each State corresponded with the rise in cases their respective welfare systems had to deal with, leaving no incentive for the States to consider curtailing the number of cases. Thus, amidst growing dissent, Clinton signed the aforementioned Act into effect in August 1996. Nickel and Dimed portrays the deficiencies of this system. While there is an obvious incentive for unskilled but able-bodied idlers to seek work and support their families themselves albeit at minimum wage, such incentive has little to offer as Ehrenreich, as a result of her practical experiments in Florida, Maine and Minnesota proves that wages tend to be minimum while work is all the more labor intensive, resulting in her being unable to save enough at the end of the month and struggle to put forth next month’s rent (Ehrenreich, 2001). In the case of a health emergency, she would find herself in a quagmire of financial difficulties. This can be relaxed by policy measures at the hands of the government in favor of awarding free health care to those who are honest contributors to society but fall within a relaxed income bracket, while still encouraging them to work. Ehrenreich’s belief regarding her skin color may be warranted by the notion that racism is particularly strong when the individuals dealing with each other both belong to a different class. If an upper class citizen deals with a lower class poverty line worker earning minimum wage, certain precepts come into play that have become part of the moral dilemma within American societies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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