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Canadas Economic and Political System in Context - Research Paper Example

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 This essay discusses a thorough analysis of whether the Canadian state, in its current formation, represents a liberal capitalist democracy.  It explores liberal democracy, socialism, and the power elite model to determine which politico-economic model is most appropriate in the Canadian context. …
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Canadas Economic and Political System in Context
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Download file to see previous pages Liberal democracy is a political system found throughout the developed countries of the Western world and one in which there are both adherents and detractors. Liberal democracy is seen by many as the ideal political system which has its roots in the ancient Greek traditions, while others feel that it is not the most effective form of governance. What is a liberal democracy? For many, liberal democracy is characterized by universal suffrage, free and fair elections, and an open society in which a plurality of opinion is respected. In this context, the exercise of political power and transfer of this power occurs through peaceful means. In much of the world, democracy ensures political stability and democratic rules of governance denote political legitimacy. According to the tenets of democracy, everyone has given a voice and the elected political officials in a democratic regime derive legitimacy from the fact that everyone has been given a voice in the political process. Due to the fact elections are perceived as being free and fair, the political party or regime which is elected derives legitimacy from the fact that the election was fairly contested. Liberal democracy has led to the spread of stable political regimes in countries such as Great Britain, Canada, the United States, and Australia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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