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People`s Points of View on the Gerrymandering Issue - Article Example

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The article is actually comments emailed by blog readers about redistricting or gerrymandering and describes their arguments for or against these process. The author also analyzes the Gerrymandering: The Salamander Strikes Back article…
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People`s Points of View on the Gerrymandering Issue
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Extract of sample "People`s Points of View on the Gerrymandering Issue"

Download file to see previous pages This commentator laments the removal of a largely monolithic voting block from diverse Congressional districts to create ones with little or no opposition to elevate congressmen and congresswomen who may push their own agendas back home. He adds that only when both parties or the Courts realize the damage such gerrymandering has done to the country will the negative tenor of political debates eventually subside, but he is not banking on that possibility.
The second commentator takes a more realistic view in expressing his favor of transparency. He claims that gerrymandering may be anti-democratic, but it is done by partisans who clearly show their partisanship. It is obvious to him that the public is aware of the political agenda of the candidates they elect and owns up to his preference for politicians whose motives are out in the open do the redistricting than other “unelected and accountable ‘worthies’” do so. He thinks that there is no such thing as an unbiased district map and that political preferences are built-in in some districts.
The third and last commentator discussed the threat of extremism posed by gerrymandering. He claims that when parties have safe districts party extremists get elected, to the disappointment and dissatisfaction of the American electorate with Congress. He explains that the massive disappointment is caused by these extremists who are often unwilling to agree on policies set by the majority of the electorate since they are decided to firmly put their foot down on their own belief system.
This last commentator believes that extremism in Congress is equivalent to most congressmen believing that it is more important to take a stand than to be effective as lawmakers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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