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Gerrymandering - Assignment Example

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This research paper “Gerrymandering” provides a research on Gerrymandering, which refers to the practice, which attempts to form a political advantage for a given party or a particular group by manipulating the boundaries of districts to create districts that favour partisans…
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Download file to see previous pages Position of house majority whip has the responsibility of persuading members to support the conference position on votes. Other leadership positions in the house of representative are house republican conference chair, vice-chair, and secretary, house republican policy committee chairperson and national republican congressional committee chairperson. Filibuster refers to any attempt by a member to obstruct or delay the senate action on a bill or other issues by debating it for long or providing procedural motions or by any other means of delaying or obstructing the actions. Filibuster blocks the senate from making consideration for ideas that can help solve major problems faced by the United States. Members of Congress, the executive and other outside groups can draft the bill. Next step is introducing the drafted bill into the House by a representative who must be a member of the House. The speaker of the House then submits the drafted bill to a committee, which may table, amend or vote the bill and then pass it to the rules committee. Rules committee makes a decision on the rules for debating the bill. The floor of the house then debates on the bill and may add some amendments, and it goes to the senate only if majority vote in favor of the bill. After the senate action, the president may sign (approve) the bill or veto (reject) it. The bill becomes law if the president approves it. Position of house majority whip has the responsibility of persuading members to support the conference position. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comparative politics and governance the first place. The political party helps raise funds to run the campaign, a control on who can run in the race before it even starts. Independent or third-party candidates rarely win an election because of the lack of political party support. When they do win, it is almost always because they have name recognition as an established political figure, such as Joseph Lieberman, who won his seat in the Senate as an independent after losing the Democratic primary in 2008 (Joseph I. Lieberman 2011). The voter has, basically, a choice between two candidates, two parties, which does not represent a real choice and may not truly represent the views of the voters. Another problematic aspect of a limited-party system is the...
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Questions on Human Rights

...not be allowed. IV Gerrymandering takes place in the process of deciding electoral districts. Gerrymandering is the practice of trying to gain political advantage for a particular political party or group by manipulating geographical boundaries. It may be used to create an electoral district where a particular political group gains majority. This practice can be used for positive purposes too. For example, this can be utilized to enable racial minorities to elect their own candidates. Political gerrymandering is not illegal when it is used as a tool to ensure party success. However, this attempt can be contested in a court of law. However, racial gerrymandering is...
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Reconstruction and Race Relations Paper

...of right to vote as expressed in the Fourteenth Amendment. The Democrats device several political implements to block the application of the African American right to vote which included imposition of poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses and Gerrymandering. The imposition of poll taxes may be inconceivable and unconstitutional today before one can cast his or her vote but this actually happened in 1877. The poll tax was designed to be high enough to make it prohibitive enough for most African Americans who were poor. There were whites that were also affected but the population that was affected the most was the black population who just came from slavery and bondage labor. African Americans were also required...
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People`s Points of View on the Gerrymandering Issue

...Gerrymandering: The Salamander Strikes Back Part Summary of article: Real Clear Politics Blog, (2008)“Comments on Gerrymandering”, Retrieved on July 19, 2009 from The article is actually comments emailed by blog readers about redistricting or gerrymandering. The first comment related how North Carolina’s 1992 redistricting process which created two minority/majority districts ensuring the election of 2 black Congressmen. The districts still remain up to the present. The manipulation and reorganization of districts were replicated all over the country and has allowed Republicans to rule with...
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Final Exam American Government

.... The problem these two practices create are prolonged debates ending in forced decision making. I am guessing that our deficit issue, with a deadline of August 2nd, is undergoing these very same practices and I can’t help but wonder if the result will be good for the American people. Question #4 What is “Gerrymandering?” Discuss some of the political consequences of “gerrymandering”. Gerrymandering was named for Governor of Mass. Elbridge Gerry back in 1812. It refers to the practice of reshaping a district in order to benefit a particular candidate. The original area reshaped was Essex County and when it was done, it looked like a dragon on paper. Painter G. Stuart thought it looked...
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What are the pros and cons of the first past the post electoral system Should the uk change to a different electoral system in order to make the House of Commons accurately reflect the choices of the electorate

..., votes cast to a losing candidate and those cast in excess to the winning candidate always do not count. Another equally significant criticism to the election process is the fact that it enhances gerrymandering. Gerrymandering refers to a process where leaders influence the design of constituencies in order to increase the seats of a party over the others. Part b The United Kingdom is among the leading democracies in the world. The country has an effective democratic system consisting of a bicameral parliament. The elected leaders make laws that protect the interests of the electorate. Once in the parliaments, the representatives use democratic systems always taking votes in the process of making the...
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Political science as the discipline

..., role of the Electoral College and the gerrymandering of Congressional districts. The class undertakes to provide an in-depth exploration of the interactions between Congress and the President specifically on issues around gridlock, public opinion and the media. Having examined how laws are made in the first semester, the second semester begins by exploring how laws are carried out by the bureaucracy as well as how such laws may bring the federal government into conflict with state governments. Attention is switched to the role of the judiciary, where the students examine the influence of the Supreme Court on the American political process with special attention devoted to issues surrounding civil liberties and civil...
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...Gerrymandering of Gerrymandering The aspect of redistricting requires the setting of equal apportionments. An apportionment isa determination of the population that will make up the US House of Representatives. The instance is courtesy of the ratio of the population that characterizes every state to the total population of the nation. One of the challenges is determining the exact population that the nation has the genesis of another census. There may be an under or overestimation of the population. The redistricting game may also cause a bias in the Gerrymander. The boundaries that result as a proposal may seem to be of more advantage to a particular voter’s population (Jason,...
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Characteristics and Causes of America's Polarized Politics

...Gerrymandering Reflection Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating boundaries to encourage partisan advantage in political systems. The root causes of the practice are greed and the need to acquire political advantage for one party over the others in a political campaign. It leads to one political party gaining undue power in one area whiles the rest proportionately losing. Although having negative connotations, the practice has for a long time been allowed to continue. This is because it helps the ruling group of individuals to retain their dominant positions of influence (Hacker & Pierson, 2006). As long as they remain there, the practice continues. Gerrymandering causes...
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