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Corruption and The Developmental Process - Research Paper Example

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A paper "Corruption and The Developmental Process" reports that though differences may exist in the extent and mode of the misappropriation in accordance with the kind of corruption, what all kinds of corruption results with are the misappropriation of resources…
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Corruption and The Developmental Process
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Extract of sample "Corruption and The Developmental Process"

Download file to see previous pages The difference in the result is the kind of resource which is misappropriated which can include financial, social, environmental or political ones. When political corruption is taken into account for an example, the deliberate amendments of particular political machinery for personal or institutional gains would cause that the system which was originally designed to have appropriate division and distribution of resources gets manipulated resulting in inequity in resource distribution. The benefits which would have been envisaged by the political machinery to have received inappropriate quantum by the appropriate class of people would be diverted to be received by a non-deserving class. This would in turn highly affect the efficacy of policy formulation and implementation. If interrupted by any type or mode of corruption, the objectives of any policy won’t be met to optimal levels and would also affect the developmental process hugely. When it comes to the environmental corruption, the detrimental effects can disintegrate and penetrate through generations as the ill effects often are irreversible and live across generations. Koyuncu, Cuneyt, and Rasim Yilmaz (2009, p.213) have provided cross-country evidence for the impact of corruption on deforestation. The kind of corruption which would show direct impacts in a shorter term would be the economic corruption which includes the misappropriation of economic resources. This mode of corruption can have a multifold effect, in accordance with the point of interruption. Economic corruption has been recorded all across the globe right from high level ‘nation to nation’ deals with the small-scale projects pertaining to the food and shelter of an economically deprived class of people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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