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Thesis On E-Government In Jordan - Dissertation Example

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The different countries have adopted the E-government way ever since technological changes started to impact the lives of everyone. The paper "Thesis On E-Government In Jordan" discusses the changes to the in the governmental environs after adoption the E-government…
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Thesis On E-Government In Jordan
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Extract of sample "Thesis On E-Government In Jordan"

Download file to see previous pages E-government is the short form of electronic government, also known as the “e-gov” and has a number of other names in digital government, the online government, and even transformational government. E-government discusses the manner in which government makes use of the exchange of information and services that are pertinent with regards to the citizens, individual businesses, and other governmental agencies to name a few. E-government thus takes care of information and communications technology, which in this paper we will call as ICT. All these processes are carried out to ensure that there is improvement within the processes, efficiency is achieved, public services are better managed and delivered and there are plenty of tasks that are done in the right manner as far as processes of democratic governance are concerned. Thus to add to the same discussion, we see that the E-governments encompass a number of different models including the Government to Citizen, also known as the Government to Customer, Government to Business and lastly Government to Government. However, to coin the most significant of these activities that E-government does in the related scheme of things, we see that E-government increases efficiency between the tasks ensure there is convenience all around and there is a better accessibility factor related to the provision of basic public services. Hence the interaction between the private sector and that of the public sector is also improved as a result of the very same. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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