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The purpose of this essay "Public Relations Issue Tracking on Current Event Topic" is to give an analysis of the events and the controversy, which provides an opportunity to observe the role public relations plays in matters that are related to public opinion. …
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Public Relations Issue Tracking on Current Event Topic
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Download file to see previous pages The first nominee of President Bush for this post was Harriet Myers, White House counsel and this led to charges of cronyism. Her confirmation process in the Senate ran into rough weather with some of the supporters of President Bush backing off. In this scenario Harriet Myers was forced to withdraw and despite the claims from the White House it was a clear sign of retreat. (Miers withdraws Supreme Court nomination).
President Bush has now nominated Samuel Alito, a conservative jurist functioning at the Philadelphia based Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, for the post of Supreme Court Justice. (Alex, L. (2005). Nominee). This nomination is going to face a tough time too at the confirmation process in the Senate, as the Democrats having tasted blood once are going to try again. (Zuckman, J. (2005). Democrats signal Alito faces rockier confirmation process).
The Role of Public Relations:
The focus of the attack from the Democrats will be on the Samuel Alito’s views on religion and more so on abortion. (Alex, L. (2005). Alito battle will focus on abortion and religion). The other area of likely attack is in civil rights. (Kirkpatrick, D.D. (2005). White House Says Alito Was Assuring on Districting). Religion, abortion and civil rights are three important areas of public opinion and it is clear that the opposition intends using public relations to raise public opinion to defeat the nomination process of Samuel Alito in the Senate. In addition the opposition is also likely to turn public opinion against this nomination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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