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Government and its Policies for Entrepreneurs - Essay Example

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Entrepreneurs in today's age of global economy are considered important force in a country's economy. During the 80s and 90s America saw phenomenal growth in the entrepreneurial sector. Government's role is crucial in the success of entrepreneurs. However, with the passage of time the entrepreneurial spirit of America seems to have died down…
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Government and its Policies for Entrepreneurs
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Download file to see previous pages The legislations made with respect to entrepreneurs and enterprises are complicated and cumbersome. Entrepreneurs find these legislations difficult to grasp without the help of proper legal help. They think that legislations should be made in a way that they are easy to understand and follow by everyone.
Also some critics of government believe that its policies have hurt the economy and market structures. By holding on to the status quo government has stifled entrepreneurial activities. People believe that government needs to do more to help them succeed in their enterprising efforts. "The American economy is dying, but not from natural causes. It is being strangled to death in a coordinated pincer attack. America's ability to survive, produce and prosper is being systematically destroyed by socialistic taxes and regulations that make U.S. production of virtually everything increasingly uneconomical. Simultaneously, the same legislators and government officials who are impeding American producers are opening the floodgates to cheap foreign goods that are not burdened with the same debilitating taxes, regulations and mandates" (Jasper, 2003).
Government should pass legislations to support a market economy in support of entrepreneurs in particular. ...
Government Policies
Government is currently making policies for different sets of groups. Different group have different needs and wants. There could be some policies that encompass all and sundry but at some level government has to look at the specific groups. Some groups make bigger investments in their enterprises while some start their business on a small scale. Some belong to a particular ethnic group with specific needs while some belong to another. Government can make policies on two different levels that general policies for all and specific policies for particular sectors or groups as one policy fits all can not work in case of entrepreneurs.
Blanket Policies
Government can pursue certain blanket policies applicable to all entrepreneurs. The government has already established special organizations like SBA that support small businesses. These organizations support start up firms regarding the whole procedure of conducting business. General legislations apply to all small businesses and industries.
Following important blanket policies could be adopted by the government:
Financing and Capital
The most important blanket policies that US government could adopt would be regarding financing and capital availability. Whenever someone wants to start a new business the most difficult step becomes financing. Entrepreneur takes a lot of risk while trying to establish a new business venture. They put in all their efforts and hard work to make their business succeed. Some even leave their routine and comfortable jobs for their enterprising ventures. They can all do this only if a solid financing is provided to them. Government's rule becomes crucial here. Currently organizations like Small Business Administration (SBA) provide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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