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This essay analyzes that the bickering among the capitalist nation-states is still largely in the economic realm, however, the impact on the political sphere is manifest and many thinkers have posited that globalization impacts greatly on the withering of the nation-state…
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Globalization and State Power
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Download file to see previous pages The South keeps on widening, it cannot be gainsaid that the political and military repercussions of this schism can significantly change the complexion and direction of inter-capitalist competition that, in turn, urn alter global politics in a manner that could change the nation-state as we now know it to be.
In political society, we have governments (parliament the s; the legislature, executive, and judiciary), dominant political parties ("leftist", "centrist" and "rightist"), the police, the military service, penology, welfare service, central banks and national treasuries. The Constitution, of course, since it codifies the ideological will of political society. Many social foundations and educational institutions fall in this sphere. Included, too, are international global associations (World Bank, International Monetary fund, World Trade Organization, ASEAN, NATO, Warsaw Pact), etc. Civil war and war between states fall in this chunk. The capitalist nation-state is an embodiment of political society. The nation-state still clings to the throne as the prime cultural institution in contemporary political society. It is, however, fast losing grip.
The end of the Cold War and the powerful wave of Globalization vastly reconfigured the world order. We have seen the end of the old colonial world and the rise of Islamic militancy in the mid-90s. Post-Cold War globalization served to unleash many pent-up social contradictions previously held hostage by the Cold War, like racial and ethnic clashes both within the North and South alike. The most profound changes, however, are in the economic realm.
Globalization—the accelerated expansion and heightened contradictions of international capitalism - is bound to intensify even more within the decade. (Hirst & Thompson, 2000) Vicious international competition among highly industrialized capitalist nation-states animates the world order. Economic globalization was mainly corporate-led. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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