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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: An Analytical Analysis of the Operations of Congress - Essay Example

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The author answers the question of whether the film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" accurately portray the United States Congress and how it really works though. Analyzing the film and comparing it to the way Congress operates, the answer is unveiled itself.    …
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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: An Analytical Analysis of the Operations of Congress
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Extract of sample "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: An Analytical Analysis of the Operations of Congress"

Download file to see previous pages The first major scene in the film in which Congressmen are seen dialog presents the idea that money is one of the greatest determinants of how a Congressmen will vote on a particular bill. Congressman Saunders, the woman who will aid Mr. Smith with his bill later on in the movie, says, "Look when I came here, my eyes were big blue question marks. Now they're big green dollar marks" (Buchman, 1939). Saunders does not appear to be the only Congressman to make decisions based on funding, or finances, in general. Senator Paine is also seen as someone greatly influenced to make his decisions based on the profits of the bills passed, etc.
O'Connor and Sabato (2006) list many different ways in which Congressmen will base their votes on or support toward including party loyalty and interest groups, lobbyists, and political action committees (p. 182-4). The significance here is that each one of these influences may have something to do with funding for a Congressman. For instance, Congressmen will be in need, if they are not already, for raising support for their campaign and many times, their party helps them do just this. When it comes to interest groups and the like, they may help support a campaign that is in support of their cause and one way of knowing this is observing which way Congressmen vote during the congressional session (O'Connor, 2006, p. 184).
Near the end of the film, Congressman Taylor explains to the naive Mr. Smith about the influences that have affected what decisions other Congressmen have made, such as voting in support of the disputed and corrupt Willet Creek Dam Bill. Taylor says, “They're [specific Congressmen] doing all right. They don't have to worry about being re-elected or anything else. They're smart.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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