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Alcohol Ban and Devolution - Essay Example

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An essay "Alcohol Ban and Devolution" claims that as a relative call to the protection of laws, the government has imposed a ban on alcohol consumption as an alternative approach against alcohol-induced violence in public places. A national agency for alcohol misuse, Alcohol Concern…
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Alcohol Ban and Devolution
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Extract of sample "Alcohol Ban and Devolution"

Download file to see previous pages With 23,000 incidents of alcohol-fuelled violence each week with relevant elevated alcohol consumption trends (Leifman, 2001), the agency has proposed that existing laws are enforced to reduce the incidence of alcohol-related violence on the streets and on public transportation. England's objective of reducing the harm caused by alcohol misuse is recognized and focuses on the prevention, minimisation, and management of the harms caused by alcohol misuse. These measures addressed in its objectives aims to identify alcohol misuse and the enforcement of existing powers against crime and disorder and promotion of responsible drinking. Under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (CDA98) and Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) the partnership of both agencies is held responsible in the consideration of crime and disorder issues in their own core activities that improve safety and security in local neighborhoods. Criminal Justice Boards and Youth Offending and the Drug and Alcohol Action Teams shall be a voluntary forum for coordination of local priorities. They are tasked to bring together the key local agencies with an interest in reducing the harms caused by alcohol misuse: the health service, the criminal justice system and the local authority. With the support of the Scottish Executive for a complete ban in on alcohol consumption in public places, (The Herald, July 19, 2006) the proposal, has spawned public outburst. Festivities organizers and popular across Wales and Scotland and gaming grounds personnel rallied against the ban with arguments pointed out that such is the breach on human rights while legislative proposals control the sale and purchase of alcohol (Scotland Bill on Alcohol). It is apparent that Scottish culture towards drinking in a study (SSA, 2004) has often prevailed over a perceived problem of alcohol misuse. A majority believed though that drinking should not be allowed in public places including public parks, football matches, in the street and on trains. With this thought in mind, the Scottish Executive has proposed their own policies that set rules against "irresponsible promotions and providing stringent licensing measures that prohibit the sale of alcohol to minors and operator a "no proof, no sale policy". Further, the licensing boards are tasked to oversee according to their own discretion, the issuance or refusal of alcohol on licensed premises. The UK policy and strategies on alcohol ban may not be applicable to Wales and Scotland simply on the grounds of the distribution of legislative power to both. Unless Wales and Scotland decides to adopt the laws implemented by the UK on its citizenry, alcohol ban which has been forced to play second fiddle to a smoking ban may never be heavily implemented particularly within Scottish laws for their own obvious reasons that are cited above and in particular the allowance and transfer of legislative powers are decentralized and distributed on the local level or creation of laws and its necessary implementation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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