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Local Politician Event in Ireland - Assignment Example

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Handling events and productions is a complicated task to deal with. There are delicate aspects and areas that must be polished in order to make the event successful and safe as it can be. In doing such there are a lot of things to deal with and be considered in order to satisfy the client as well as to ensure the safety of the event without sacrificing its quality…
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Local Politician Event in Ireland
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Download file to see previous pages In here, the work starts in planning, staffing, delegating, handling of resources and finances, monitoring the flow of the plan, execution of plan, implementation and post production endeavors. In other words, in handling a certain event one has to understand the 3 P's of it- The Pre Production, Production and the post production.
There are several varieties of even and production with different purposes. In dealing with such things, one has to understand the nature of the event and intended outcome. This paper will deal on handling even wherein there is a fundraising event for a local politician running for election. This paper will delve on things and key aspects with regards in realizing the success of an event in this kind of nature and how areas of concern are addressed in order to fulfill the objective of the event.
In order to determine the necessary steps in handling events, the aid of relevant literature is crucial in determining the needed tasks and process in order to fulfill the requisites needed by a certain event. Special events magazine have described and defined common problems encircling issues with regards to event handling. "OFTEN, EVENT planners have a fairly consistent set of questions on their mind: I have a limited budget, yet I need AV - how do I set priorities in my budget If I want lighting, sound, video, staging and decor, should I just give each part of the production a smaller piece to make sure I get some of everything (Poulos 2005)"
Dealing with events and production requires knowledge, expertise and views of critics explaining the tasks and essence of handling events and productions. Also, locolobo events (2007) further stated that "Event planning can come from anywhere; parties you've attended, magazines and library resources or more conveniently, the internet. Before you initiate the research process, create a task list. Do this by visualizing your definition of a flawless event, then note all the intricate details you need to create that winning outcome. Your list should contain all the elements needed for seamless event production. Venue selection, catering, tent or flatware rentals, entertainment, invitations and favors are just a snippet of the planning and preparation that goes into event production. The responsibility can be overwhelming for many people, especially for those trying to juggle event production with their every day responsibilities. With the right event planning tips, throwing a soiree doesn't have to be taxing."
Local politician event in Ireland (Chinese National Day Ball Dublin) 3
Proposal to the client
Before entering a discussion to the client regarding budget and related concerns with regards to event that is to be handled, one has to find and research possible information regarding the client and the event that he wanted to realize. Upon knowing this information, the client would know that you are interested in doing business with him and this thing would further strengthen the chance in obtaining the deal with him. In relation to this, the event organizer must also know if the client is new in encountering the event or has previous experiences which would be a basis in giving your proposal to him. The proposal must contain the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Local Politician Event in Ireland Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
Local Politician Event in Ireland Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Local Politician Event in Ireland Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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