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The implications of Tudor-Stuart polices on Ireland - Research Proposal Example

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The purpose of this paper “The implications of Tudor-Stuart polices on Ireland” is to evaluate the emergency of Tudor-Stuart policies in Ireland, which presented significant implications to its citizens that ran down in the annals of history…
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The implications of Tudor-Stuart polices on Ireland
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Extract of sample "The implications of Tudor-Stuart polices on Ireland"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, “...obeyeth to no other person, English, Irish except only to such persons...” that could subdue them in the battlefield in case of invasion with a sword2. However, this did not last long before Tudors and later Stuarts showing interest in subduing them though encountered severe resistance from some of the then uncooperative chieftains but eventually complied with English king’s laws. This was contrary to earlier times when they were not under the subject of any King’s laws except their Gaelic chiefs doing what they wished3. However, the imposition of Tudor-Stuart policies on Ireland aimed at subduing Ireland as well as bringing the entire state under complete control. This included even the then powerful Irish Landlords who later after the conquest turned into mere chiefs subject to Henry VIII as per the Pope Andrian IV’s wish who had given king that title4. Despite strong resistance waged by some of the then powerful proprietors like O’Donell and O’Neil supported by Philip of Spain (Elizabeth’s enemy), they gave in to Henry’s regime after a miserable defeat5. Hence, they both recognized and accepted Henry III as king whereas in their capacity remained only as Anglo-Irish Nobles6. Henry VIII after subduing powerful Irish land Landlords especially in Ulster and more agreeing to give in their full compliance, he resulted to autocratic rule. This constituted torture especially to those who showed any disobedience besides bringing English settlers in Ireland7. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Implications of Tudor-Stuart Polices on Ireland Research Proposal.
“The Implications of Tudor-Stuart Polices on Ireland Research Proposal”, n.d.
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