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Public Administration in Northern Ireland - Essay Example

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A reform programme is presently being witnessed in Northern Ireland with intent to employ logical understanding and rationalization of local authorities and public bodies regionally. This reform programme is identified generally as review of public administration…
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Public Administration in Northern Ireland
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A brief time line of RPA
2002 RPA was initiated
2003 RPA consultation was launched
2004 The consultation finished
2005 In august, second stage started, in September second stage closes, in November lord rooker denounced results of RPA process.
2006 June 2006 a briefing by NICVA [Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action], In December Gavin Boyd appointed Chief Executive Designate of Education and Skills Authority. (3)
2007 In July a review of local government's issues of RPA was launched by environmental minister.
2008 13th march Forster, environmental minister, explained the possible future shape by creating more 11 local governments keeping the already existing 26. (2)
Why is it so late to implement RPA
Considering the above-stated facts, one can understand the huge task which was initiated in 2002 and termed as RPA [review of public administration] is far better fitted in theory than in practice. It is almost impossible to meet the time frame and maintain harmony with all these councils, local governments and with the departments keeping the system of checks balances intact. Some factors are highlighted here.
Timeframe which is not enough for RPA
Possible lack of Co-ordination between different departments.
Weak legislative support is another reason
A must need of agreed framework of execution of RPA.
The sharing of responsibilities between local councils and community and organizations within the RPA boundary is not that easy task.
The separation of tasks and efficiency checking program is still unclear by the departments causing further delay.
Though RPA offers a good opportunity for local governments and organizations to propagate in public sectors, yet, the...
(1) All these reforms are to be implemented through councils, community planning, primary care-led commission groups and various other tools to help public administration working in practise and not just theory for the welfare of the people. But the provided timeframe for such huge alteration of administrational structure and making it efficient is clearly too short for undergo these changes practically.
Considering the above-stated facts, one can understand the huge task which was initiated in 2002 and termed as RPA [review of public administration] is far better fitted in theory than in practice. It is almost impossible to meet the time frame and maintain harmony with all these councils, local governments and with the departments keeping the system of checks balances intact. Some factors are highlighted here.
Though RPA offers a good opportunity for local governments and organizations to propagate in public sectors, yet, the uncertainty and confusion it brought over years can not be ignored and immediate steps must be taken to make the slow process fast.
The review of public administration in Northern Ireland, initiated in 2002, aimed at particular and specified targets achievement factor to enhance efficiency and improvement in public sector involving Health, Education, Finances, legislative, executive co-ordination and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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