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Comparitive politics - Article Example

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Ethnic nationalism looks at the whole nation as a single ethnic state and this is a generalized basis of the people who are living within this very country. It gives rise to stereotyping and similar-ness within this country thus posing problems as concerns its image and actual position, a term known by the identity basis…
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Comparitive politics
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Download file to see previous pages Since North Korea has involved itself openly with the induction of nuclear weapons within its arsenal, the people living within the country are thought to be of evil nature and thus a sense of ethnic nationalism has come about with the passage of time as far as North Korea and North Koreans is concerned. Now the same could be avoided if the country faces these kinds of challenges in a head on manner and look to satisfy the world demands in a much more proactive manner than it is carrying out at the present. What this will do is to give a positive image to the world that North Korea is ready and geared up for the challenges ahead and there are not any ethnic nationalistic issues attached with the country in the long run.
The challenges that globalization brings with it is that the localized flavor of the country or region is starting to get marred as more and more foreign outlets of expression, work and ethical values are initiating. What this is in essence doing is to pose a marked difference in the thinking mindsets of the people who are related with the globalization regimes as well as the ones who are being brought under the hold of the great globalization debate. China is one such example that has experienced the direct results of globalization since Chinese products have invaded the world markets by storm. They have targeted the South Asian countries in a very attacking manner and the result is that the Chinese authorities the reaping the rich dividends by going global rather than manufacturing for the local Chinese markets. This has opened up their revenue quarters and now the Chinese are thinking global more than ever before. (Kohler, 2003) They have nearly captured all the market domains within South Asia through their strategic planning and it would not be wrong before they make their mark on the global front in a very attacking way. In the coming decades, globalization will shrink the world even further and there would be more opportunities to grow and explore what is on offer or sale for the different markets of the world. This is a fact that the new world order has brought with it and it is here to stay.
Similarly, there has been a general perception that globalization means taking jobs away from a region. This is indeed true from a rational standpoint as when company shifts around 100 jobs to Indians, the same number of natives lose their jobs. The offshore movement of jobs has become an issue not only in travel but also in other industries. Two such nations which stand out in this scenario are India and the Philippines that appear to be the most popular locations for setting up call centers as these countries bid a lagoon of cultivated, scholarly English-speaking personnel who will do the same amount of work for much less money.
KOHLER, Horst. (2003). The Challenges of Globalization and the Role of the IMF. International Monetary Fund
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