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Evaluation of Montenero Governance and Economic Reforms on the Way to EU Membership - Essay Example

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This essay describes recent economic and political events in Montenegro, that is planning to become a member of the EU in the nearest future. After the country became independent in 2006, the Montenegrin authorities are implementing reforms, that are necessary for the EU accession…
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Evaluation of Montenero Governance and Economic Reforms on the Way to EU Membership
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of Montenero Governance and Economic Reforms on the Way to EU Membership"

Download file to see previous pages This essay presents a comprehensive analysis of modern political and economic developments in Montenegro, which is pursuing its further ties with the EU.
Montenegro’s conclusion of its Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) negotiation with the European Commission will pave the way for eventual integration with he European Common market . The tiny nation of just 620,000 has done so ahead of Serbia whose European ambitions have been stalled with its refusal to cooperate with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Montenegro looks poised to follow Croatia and Macedonia in actively negotiating accession negotiations.
Greater political stability was achieved with the democratic elections held in September in the year 2006 after the narrow win in the referendum in May, with just 55.5% of voters giving a go signal for independence. Djukanovic, with his party in power has even greater leverage to pursue governance reforms in line with democratic principles as one of the main prerequisites into entering the European Union. Held in a fee and fair manner and in line with international standards, the parliamentary elections placed Montenegro was seen favorably by the international community in its capacity to address political reforms and implement them.
In terms of legislation, Montenegro has strengthened its anti-corruption drive. Key legislations for improved public procurement and conflict of interest legislation are set to be passed and the Law on Free Access to Information was signed
(par 10). Also for the first time as a signal towards greater


accountability, 1,692 public officials submitted reports on their income and property (par10).
Djukanovic in an interview published in the New York Times said that his government managed to pass 140 laws and many more regulations in his past term as Prime Minister, with focus on reforms on the economy, education and administration. As to criticisms that implementation has been slow, he said that the "effects of this reform job will be witnessed only after 5 years"
To further cement its legal democratic framework, Montenegro has to craft a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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