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On September 13, two weeks after Hurricane Katrina, United States President George W. Bush made an official statement accepting and admitting his responsibility for the federal government's failure to be present when its citizens needed it most during the time of calamity…
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President Bush Faces His Own Storm
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President Bush Faces His Own Storm On September 13, two weeks after Hurricane Katrina, United s President George W. Bush made an official ment accepting and admitting his responsibility for the federal government's failure to be present when its citizens needed it most during the time of calamity. He not only predicted "one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen" in the wake of Katrina. He also acknowledged the pivotal role the federal government must play in disaster relief. Noticeably, this seems a dramatic shift from his usual smaller-government stance -- a justified and welcome change in policy. In fact, nearly every post-hurricane project the President described hinges on a degree of federal involvement not seen in roughly 30 years.
Even before the Aug. 29 hurricane devastated many areas along the Gulf Coast, the President's approval ratings were at an all-time low, largely because of Iraq, fuel prices and the economy. In the initial days after Katrina, Mr. Bush's hesitancy to act and apparent insensitivity to the plight of people too poor to evacuate dismayed even Republicans, especially candidates in congressional races next year.
Comparatively, Hurricane Katrina is a different kind of crisis for a president already tested by terrorist attacks on American soil and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The immensity of this calamity has overwhelmed even the federal government. Bush faced not only the hurricane's aftermath, but the public perceptions formed by round-the-clock television coverage and the political pressures that follow. His wrong decisions blew the tops of people and ultimately gathered blame because of the government's laxity and slow paced disaster relief operations. Some even say that the disaster might not have been this "disastrous" if the government made proactive efforts to prevent all the damages.
However, a reversal of President Bush's reaction, as he admitted responsibility on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, is exemplary on his part. He is obviously humbled and his admission only showed a reflection of heartfelt sympathy for the victims. The whole US should be proud and follow the suit that our President initiated. We, as citizens, should take part in contributing our assistance in times of unfortunate disasters.
It has always been said that calamities or disasters, like Hurricane Katrina bring out the 'best' and 'worst' in people. 'Best' because in the aftermath, people are humbled because of our vulnerability as humans. When Mother Nature lashes out natural disasters, it summons realizations of our vulnerability and people usually unite in order to help the afflicted people. Nature could be so cruel and we are aware that we have been unconcerned in preserving our world. The disasters like Hurricane Katrina might just be one of the consequences of our lack of environmental concern. A virtual reminder that we need to look into caring for our environment and help our countrymen who are unfortunate enough to have the fate of suffering Mother Nature's curse on humanity.
On the contrary, 'worse' also comes out during disasters because some people might blame the government about its inaction or inability to provide earlier warnings and immediate assistance. The lives and properties lost might be devastating for these people. The trauma of what has happened; they will carry them for life.
Ultimately, what is important is that after every fall we learn to stand up. We need to face these disasters and its aftermaths and have our share in rebuilding the lives of our unfortunate countrymen. Admitting his mistakes, President Bush showed that he is as vulnerable as those victims. We should not entirely blame the government for its mistakes, because this is not a time for blaming. Thousands of people in Louisiana are homeless and they need our help. Thus, in times of disasters, our participation and contribution as citizens are essential. Read More
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