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Democracy has been classified as one of the best forms of government in the world. In the United States, democracy is synonymous with liberties and freedoms. However, while it is difficult to imagine the U.S. government other than being democratic, this form of government is not readily accepted in other parts of the world…
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Causal Analysis Essay
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Kenny Huggins English 102-002 December 5, 2005 Democracy has been ified as one of the best forms of government in the world. In the United States, democracy is synonymous with liberties and freedoms. However, while it is difficult to imagine the U.S. government other than being democratic, this form of government is not readily accepted in other parts of the world. A reason for this is the lack of economic development other countries are facing. Thus, economic development and economic freedoms are conditions that must be present to fuel political development and introduce democratic institutions and governments.
In a society where power is concentrated among a few individuals, it becomes easier for these individuals to control the political arrangements that govern that society and control the exercise of political liberties by its citizens. Thus, economic freedom characterized by an individual's increased autonomy in making decisions regarding his income and an increase in wealth-creating opportunities made available to him; is an important means to achieving political freedom because of its dispersing effect in the concentration of power (Freidman 9). Friedman illustrates this through historical evidence where capitalism, an economic arrangement focused on free markets and economic freedoms, effectively restricted centralized power from abusing its control on the political and civil liberties of citizens (10). Hence, individuals who experience economic freedom through controlling the means of production and owning private property are given a share in the political power of that society, taking power away from the central government. This shift in power structure creates incentives for governments to give in to demands for civil and political liberties, creating the necessary conditions to achieve political freedoms and democracy (Friedman 11). Economic freedom is therefore a necessary cause of political freedom and democracy. However, it is important to understand that it is not an immediate cause since its immediate effect is not political freedom, but the dispersion of power within a society.
Furthermore, while economic freedom is rightfully "a cause" of political freedom, the statement requires further scrutiny to be considered a sufficient cause. In this sense, to be considered sufficient, evidence must show that political freedom can be achieved with "only" the achievement of economic freedom. This is not the case. The experience of Asian countries like Singapore invalidates it as a sufficient cause. Singapore an undoubtedly affluent country, where its citizens experience a high degree of economic freedom is also a country where political and civil liberties, free speech and the right to assembly, among other things, are suppressed by the government. This indicates that there are other conditions and causes that must be present to achieve political freedom.
Economic freedom is therefore a necessary cause for political freedom. However, it is neither sufficient nor immediate, such that it requires further work on the part of undemocratic societies to achieve political freedom, as that enjoyed by the United States and its citizens.

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Friedman, Milton. "The Relation between Economic Freedom and Political Freedom." Capitalism and Freedom. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962. 7-21. Read More
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