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This paper will consider Michael Savage’s views on the American court system. In Courts: Stench from the Bench, Michael Savage, American conservative talk radio host, author, and political commentator says that federal courts and judges in America today are worse than terrorists, judging from their works…
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The American Court System from Michael Savages View
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"The American Court System from Michael Savages View"

When Savage says, "the stench from the bench is making me clench," he thinks much is wrong with the court system. The problems in America stops at the doors of the judges, he claims. Whenever there is a case, these radicals of the left bend the laws to conform to their own wishes. There are judges who have unrestrained powers and as such they have full control of where the verdict goes by virtue of their office, he implied. Instead of interpreting the law, they choose to make law. Savage claims that their unrestrained acts extend to the following -
A. Obstruction of nominees. The use their power to block the appointment of moderate and conservative nominees, aware that they could not be exploited by these radicals for their Internationalist agenda.
B. Practice of foreign jurisprudence. They file cases in other countries, acquire a ruling inclined to their side and then refer to such cases as the basis for law in America.
C. The Cultural Defense. They encourage cultural defense which is said to end with something like, in ones’ culture, it is all right to do such and such, and that “the client was just acting in accordance with his culture.” As such, culture is being degraded.
D. Outrageous litigations of Judges with ACLU connections. Read More
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