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The Democratic and Republican Parties - Assignment Example

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The paper "The Democratic and Republican Parties" discusses that people want real leadership—not excuses and infighting, which is petty and serves no real purpose except to inflate egos and line pockets with the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people…
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The Democratic and Republican Parties
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Extract of sample "The Democratic and Republican Parties"

Download file to see previous pages Jesse Ventura didn’t talk down to people like Nader did, nor did he have the boring, stifling personality that Ross Perot projected. Ross Perot, it might be said, had some advantages over Ventura. He shared Ventura’s style of “straight talk” which appealed to a lot of Americans. With his Southern drawl and antebellum charm, Ross Perot was somewhat of an interesting character, especially due to the fact that he liked showing a lot of visuals (i.e., charts) whilst speaking. Perot also appeared more “serious” about life than Ventura, who most people might not have taken seriously because of his celebrity. Nader possessed the advantage over Ventura in that, he seemed like a more “serious” candidate and a well-educated one at that. Ralph Nader is most famous for his exposure of hot dogs not having met FDA standards. Trained in both economics and green living, Nader cares about organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). These three candidacies show us that the likelihood of a third party in America—even if it were moderately strong—is not enough to defeat the two main parties of Democrat and Republican that are in place. Independent party candidates are not usually serious in scope, and thus, they undermine themselves. 2. E.E. Schattschnieder says "democracy without political parties is impossible." Is he correct? Why? (250 words) Democracy, as Schattschneider said, would probably most likely be impossible without political parties. Indeed, “…E.E. Schattschneider sought to redefine democracy and popular control of government by formulating a concept that has since become known as the ‘doctrine of responsible party government.’”1 Basically, without political parties, the best way that the government would be described is total anarchy. There would be complete chaos without political parties because it would be “every man for himself.” To be more politically correct, one could also say it would also be “every woman for herself.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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